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In the literary fiction novel, AARDVARK MEMORIES, author Lisa Stout invites you onboard Universal Airlines' flight 2903. Join two B-777 pilots, their flight attendant crew of fourteen and 299 passengers as they take-off on an otherwise routine flight from Chicago O'Hare to Los Angeles. Imagine assuming the duties of the co-pilot, Charlotta. It's your turn to select on the seatbelt sign for a rough ride over the continental divide. You make a pilot report for moderate chop while gathering the five-points of your seatbelt around your lap, over your shoulders and up between your legs with the crotch strap. And though the ride smoothes out over Bryce Canyon, are you prepared to brace yourself for an unpredictable fuel malfunction that soon forces you to squawk 7700? In your wildest nightmare could you, like co-pilot Charlotta, ever foresee ATC denying your Mayday request because the predecessor to the "Big One" has just impacted LAX and the greater outlying area? Busy with emergency checklists, will you find time to ponder how the flight attendants are managing their growing fear so as to avoid panicking passengers whose nerves will soon be on the fringe of breaking? Co-pilot Charlotta decides the flight attendants will find the necessary fortitude deep within, just as she and her captain will, even though the outcome of Universal flight 2903 is uncertain. Live the journey through Charlotta's eyes even after her sight fades away altogether.


Lisa Stout (a captain for a major airline) brings refreshing authenticity to the post-9/11 airline industry. A former resident of Chicago and L.A., she now lives with her husband and animal menagerie on the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. Can an aardvark have memories? Ask author Lisa Stout at  where she is currently at work on her second novel, the prequel to AARDVARK MEMORIES.

A percentage of sales donated to select humanitarian projects. In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness month of October, this fiscal quarter benefits breast cancer research.

Lisa Stout, airline captain and author

Can an aardvark have memories? Ask author Lisa Stout at Aardvark Memories.


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