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Kersten Cards

Kersten Cards  - Offering aviation-themed Christmas cards and everyday greeting cards that you can personalize.  They've also got a Christmas aviation necktie and airplane labels.  This year think ahead and don't wait until the last minute.  Look in the Aviation Merchandise > Gifts section for other good aviation stuff.

Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog.com  - This site uses human agents to capture the current best airfare deals for U.S airlines.  You'll also find a message board, comprehensive links to airline route maps, and other resources for air travelers.  A great resource, featured in Episode 14 of the Airplane Geeks Podcast.  Find other sites to help you locate cheap tickets in the Air Travel Deals page.


anna.aero  - This site provides comprehensive airline network news and analysis for the aviation industry.  Anna (Airline Network News & Analysis) focuses on airline/airport route development news from around the world, but you'll also find market trend analysis, farewatch, and other features.  Look for other good sources in the Aviation News page.

Airport Guide

Airport Guide  - Travelers and pilots can access airport information and rate and review over 30,000 U.S. airports, heliports, seaplane bases, gliderports, STOLports, balloonports, and ultralight fields.  Share your comments with others and see what they have to say too.  Look at the Airports > Airport Directories, Maps, Information section for other airport data sites.

Paper Wings

Red Bull Paper Wings  - A world-wide contest for paper airplanes that fly the farthest, stay aloft the longest, and take the most elegant path through the air.  The top three paper plane folders from 48 countries will compete in Salzburg, Austria in May.  See the Aircraft Models > Paper Airplanes section for paper airplane links.

Luft '46

Luft '46  - Descriptions of WWII German aircraft projects, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos, and custom color artwork.  Lots of great information.  See the Military Aviation section for more sites.


American Aerotrekking Society  - An information and news resource for the sport of aerotrekking - the sport of long-distance open air flying at low altitudes and low speeds.  Contains safety guidelines, route creation constraints, ground support suggestions, aerotrekking links, and education and training resources.  See the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section for other sites.


AusFlightSim  - The Flightsim site for Aussies.  You'll find a growing wealth of information about flight simulation as it relates specifically to users in Australia.  Their main aim is to support local developers, virtual airlines, and users by providing quality news and content.  You'll find flight simulation news and events, help, hints, tutorials, and other material related to PC based simulations.  The File Library is a place for freeware and shareware developers to upload flight simulator aircraft, scenery, panels, and utilities.   Other resources in the Flight Simulation section.

FA Facts

Flight Attendant Facts  - Learn about life as a flight attendant working in today's airline industry, straight from flight attendants.  The best and worst about the industry, becoming a flight attendant, training and career info, salary and benefits, working with pilots.  More sites in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.

Keith Ferris

Keith Ferris Aviation Art  - The beautiful work of an artist who grew up on the grass flying fields of the 1930s, became an aeronautical engineering student, and went on to be part of the Air Force's Art Program.  His 25 foot high, by 75 foot wide B-17 mural and 20 foot high, by 75 foot wide Jet Aviation mural hang in the National Air and Space Museum.  See other aviation art in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Fine Art section.

Oz's Homestay

Oz's Homestay Fly Inn B&B  - Pilots can fly in and stay at this full service B&B located on the border of North Central Pennsylvania and South Western New York.  Private 3000ft turf airstrip, 122 acre property along the Oswayo River.  Skydiving, canoeing, and fishing on-site.  Day trip adventure excursions.  The Fly-In Resorts section has other destinations for pilots.


U.S. Scalemasters Association, Inc.  - A non-profit organization that seeks to develop and grow the sport of scale aircraft modeling.  It is structured around 22 regional qualifier contests and one grand championship contest usually held the 3rd week in September.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.


Westway Aviation Models  - Aviation models made to order from 1/100 to 1/20, from small desktop models to large cut-aways.  They can replace missing and broken parts, make repairs, or perform a full restoration of all models.  They have provided moulds and mouldings for Star Wars, Moonraker, Flash Gordon, and Doctor Who films.  The Aircraft Models section has other sources.


SeatGuru  - A really good source for airplane seating and in-flight services information.  Site navigation is outstanding and descriptions appear as you mouse over the different seats.  You can submit your own in-flight experiences.  Find a many more resources in the Air Travel section, including SeatExpert.com and LoveMySeat.com.


flyagogo.net  - A web site designed for the general aviation pilot with online sectionals, terminal area charts, live satellite weather, live radar returns, METARs, and an FAA aviation database.  Visit the Pilot Resources section for more sites of interest to pilots.

Model Aero

Model Aero  - Innovative, high performance, flat foam and carbon fiber aircraft and accessories for the Radio Control enthusiast.  See their Videos page for some footage of the AeroCat in flight.  Many more sites in the Radio Control section.

On Top of the World

On Top of the World Communities  - This construction and development company in Florida has property with a private flying field located within the gates of the community that is available 365 days a year.  Veteran R/C pilots can perform those special aerobatic maneuvers all year long.  Or, if you're ready to make your first solo, you can get some pointers from a friendly instructor.


Fly-ins.com  - Find fly-ins, airshows and other aviation events quickly and easily. Search by category (fly-ins, military, balloon, races, ultralights, etc.), date range, and U.S. state. Post your event, find museums, and receive e-mail notification of aviation events for the categories and states you have selected, as they are listed.  Presented by the Aviation Foundation of America, Inc.  More sites in the Aviation Events section.

First to Fly A380

First to Fly A380  - Singapore Airlines has opened an A380-dedicated website to commemorate entry of the Airbus A380 into service. It's an interactive site where you can discover the aircraft, download wallpaper and a screensaver, view a photo gallery, read news items, and register for a monthly eNewsletter and prize drawings.


FSblogger.com  - A free service for anyone who wants to start their own flight simulation blog.  Create your own flight diaries, publish articles, tips and tweaks, publish reviews and opinions of your best add-on's, plus anything else you'd like.

Wings & Things

Wings & Things Forum  - An open forum for discussing aviation and other topics, and run by Colorado Northwestern Community College flight students.  Also see the Chicken Wings - Aviation Fun Forum for a look at the lighter side of aviation.  This is a great place to share pilot jokes, talk about funny experiences, tell "There I was..." stories, and chat about anything aviation related in a relaxed and not-so-serious atmosphere.  Visit the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other forums.

R/C Aero Portal

Flying Sites - The R/C Aero Portal  - Articles to help you get started in R/C, links, reviews, and a UK club finder.  An active forum, R/C books, photo gallery, and classified ads.  The downloads page has video clips, software, and wallpaper.  This is a great R/C portal.  Many more sites in the Radio Control section.

Pilot Mentor Network

Pilot Mentor Network  - An online network of professional pilot mentors who help aspiring professional pilots achieve their goals in aviation by answering questions, writing articles, editorials, columns and through exclusive personal mentoring.  Their mission is "to provide young men and women of all backgrounds a free, reliable and trustworthy web site to seek guidance from current pilots in their field of interest..."  Visit the Pilot Resources section for more.


Microlighters.co.za  - An active forum for microlighters, gyro pilots, and aviation enthusiasts.  Also, Microlight Aviation in South Africa is all about flying microlights, gyros, and PPGs South Africa.  Lots of others sites in the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section.

Global Flyer

Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer  - See the results of Steve Fossett's record attempt with the Global Flyer, which included an emergency landing at Bournemouth after loosing electric power.

This week in the Podcasts 

- The newly-formed Rocket Racing League continues to ramp up and the Aero-News Network has a fascinating special feature podcast (RRL's Granger Whitelaw) with the new CEO.  Matthew Holden returns with his weekly PodAsia podcast and describes his Boeing Connexion experience on Singapore Airlines, and also brings us closer to his family, including the Dragon Lady.  Flying Pilot Podcast Episode 7 is up.  This captain for major airline talks about the news, Thurmon Munson's citation crash, aerobatics, and part 3 of the Wright Brothers history.

Model Planes

Model Planes  - Offers a very large selection of military, commercial, and private model aircraft from all era's.  Jets, props, helicopters, rockets, blimps, gliders.  Diecast, mahogany, molded resin, plastic.  Model airplane accessories as well as nose art panels and plaques.  The Aircraft Models section has other sources.


CareerAirways  - Intensive flight attendant interview and career training preparation, and other related services such as instructional manuals, books, videos, DVDs, hands on training, professional flight attendant resumes, mock interviews, and more.  See the Aviation Training and Education section for flight schools and training resources.

Preflight Pro

- The visual, map-enhanced, alternative to DUATs for NOTAMs and TFRs.  Lookup by airport ID, name, city, or flight path.  See the Weather section for other aviation weather resources.


Hypersonic  - Canadian author Brian Peters has written a new fictional book called Hypersonic, a thriller about greed and organized crime in the airline industry.  In the book, an aggressive airline adds to its fleet the world's first hypersonic passenger jet capable of trans-oceanic Mach 6 flight.  Events begin to unfold on the ground as well as in the air. Blackmail, murder and greed entwine forcing the president to confront the airline's dark and secretive past.  Find other aviation titles in the Aviation Books & Publications section.

Jan Hermkens

Jan Hermkens and his B-17, P-61, Short Sunderland  - The homepage of Jan Hermkens (the flying Dutchman), six times European Star Cup Champion R/C Scale.  This site presents his R/C scale models, especially his large international winning models, built from his own plans: B-17 Flying Fortress (span:158"), P-61 Black Widow (span:122"), Short Sunderland (span:136").  Many more sites in the Radio Control section.

Bel-Air Models

Bel-Air Models  - Museum quality aircraft models, handcrafted from solid perspex, polished, and airbrushed.  More than 120 remarkable types have been released so far and sold to clients all over the world.  Golden Age airliners are the main theme, but commissions brought military types in the collection as well.  More sources in the Models section.

True Aviation

True Aviation  - An online community for aviation enthusiasts where you can network, meet people, and share experiences.  All are welcome - whether you are still in college, looking for a job, have been in the industry for 30 years, or just want to meet like minded people.  Find a large selection of other sites in the Aviation Directories, Portals, and Link Lists section.


Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network  - VATSIM was created in to serve the needs of the flight simulation and online air traffic control community.  This is an online community where you can learn and enjoy flight and ATC simulation, while making new friends all over the world.  Active forums, basic pilot training, pilot and controller resources, international conventions.  Other resources in the Flight Simulation section.


Building an Airplane at Home  - In this 28 minute podcast, the builder takes you from $600 of blueprints and $900 of aluminum sheets to the first, anxiety-ridden flight.  If you are thinking of building your own, this will give you a feel for what it takes.  If you are not a prospective homebuilder, you'll still find this a fascinating listen.  From 16 September 2005.   See the Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft section for other builder sites.

Avionics List

Avionics List  - Avionics classifieds and real-time auction locator for Garmin, King, Narco, and ARC avionics.  This site links to avionics equipment auctions eBay but you can find specific items faster.  You can also post a free listing to the site.  More resources in the Avionics section.

SR-71 Online

SR-71 Online: An Online Aircraft Museum  - SR-71, YF-12, and A-12 Blackbird information, pictures, movies, patches, wallpaper, and diagrams.  Home of the SR-71 Flight Manual, and one of the largest collections of Blackbird photos on the Internet.  This site also features virtual tours of some aviation museums in the United States, and more than a thousand images on modern military aviation (over 750 of which are of the Lockheed Blackbirds) and fact sheets on more than a dozen military airplanes.  See the Military Aviation > SR-71 Blackbird section for more.

Airstrip America

Airstrip America  - An online airport directory featuring aerial photos of airports to facilitate navigation for pilots unfamiliar with the area.  This free site is dedicated to establishing an online photography database of U.S. landing facilities, including grass strips, airparks, taxiways and landmarks.  Information is provided for pilots, by the pilots who have landed there themselves.  More resources in the Airports & Airfields > Directories/Info/Maps section.

Aircraft photography

Aircraft photography by Andy Critchfield  - This website offers aircraft and airshow photography.  Also some shots of Poppy & Libby, the Utterly Butterly Wing Walker girls.  Many other sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

Ohio Airships

Ohio Airships, Inc.  - The Dynalifter is a unique hybrid of fixed-winged airplane and helium airship, providing a combination of features that are currently unavailable in any single existing aircraft.  The Dynalifter should combine the great fuel efficiencies and short runway capabilities of historical airships, with the weather handling and concentrated payload capabilities of traditional airplanes.  Reportedly, the 120-foot-long airship has been completed, with hopes for a test flight this spring.  It gets lift from 16,500 cubic feet of helium and two small ultralight engines.  See the cantonrep.com article for additional info.

Freedom Wings

Freedom Wings Florida  - Their mission is to enhance the quality of life and bring new hope to people with physical challenges and children with special needs by sharing the passion for aviation.  You can help as a volunteer or by offering a donation.  Located at Zephyrhills airport in Florida.

Widebody Aircraft Parade

Widebody Aircraft Parade  - Information and photos of the world's widebody airliners.  Look for many other aviation photo sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

Aerospace America

Aerospace America  - This publication of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is available to institutions as an annual subscription.  The site offers .pdf files of the magazine articles, which cover surveys of emerging technologies, trends in aerospace technology and design, analysis of national aerospace issues, workplace changes that affect the aerospace professional, and international developments in aerospace.   See the Aviation Magazines and Periodicals section for other publications.

UAV Marketspace

UAV Marketspace  - This web portal is focused principally on commercial (civil) UAV use and application, but it also has a significant set of military UAV airframe resources and links.  You can spend a lot of time exploring this site and learning a great deal about this subject.  Find additional resources in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles section.


MiGFlug  - Selling flights in fighter jets in Russia, Switzerland, and the USA: MiG-29, MiG-25 (Edge of Space), MiG-23, SU-27, L-39.   Also, dogfights in the USA, group flights with an acrobatic team, and zero-G flights in the USA and in Russia.  Find more jet rides in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride section.

ProFlight Futures

ProFlight Futures  - This non-profit organization provides career information and resources to high school students who aspire to careers in aviation and aerospace.  Educators, parents, and mentors will also find this site useful.  Aviation career flight plans, career profiles and opportunities, training programs, scholarships and grants, online progress logbook, career seminar video archives, downloadable school career day presentation packs for educators and parents, and FAQs.  Look in the Youth section for other aviation sites of interest to young people.

Suncoast Sportplanes

Suncoast Sportplanes Inc.  - An aviation business based at Zephyrhills Municipal Airport (ZPH) near Tampa, Florida, USA and dedicated to enthusiasts who build and/or fly Jabiru aircraft, or who have an aircraft powered by a Jabiru engine.  Find other sites in the Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft section.

Fighter Jets Australia  - Providing a range of high-action adrenaline events, from Top Gun style fighter jet flights, scenic helicopter rides, aerobatic flights and executive jet charter, to boat membership and V8 supercar events.  They offer a range of gift packs.  Find other jet fighter rides, as well as sightseeing flights in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride section.

Fighter Jets Australia

The Aviation art of Paul Couper  - Very nice original aviation art and limited edition prints by renowned artist Paul Couper.  The work depicts both factual and fictional events, and draws inspiration from many sources.  A number are also commissioned pieces.  Run the gallery slideshows just to enjoy the work.  Many other sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

RC Hobby

RC Hobby Radio Controlled Model Aircraft  - ARTF, ready to fly aircraft, and helicopters, as well as other models from a respected UK model company.  Look in the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft section for many other resources.

Look in the Aviation Blogs & Podcasts section for an extensive list of aviation blogs, and a growing collection of aviation podcasts.  Listen to The Finer Points - An Aviation Podcast hosted by a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) that offers insight into the finer points of flying.  Read The Airline Blog, a good, active blog that features news, rumors, and opinions about the airline industry.

Soaring Books

Bob Wander's Soaring Books and Supplies  - A wide variety of soaring books, supplies, videos/DVDs, and other information.  Featuring the Made Easy series written by Bob Wander, and Mentor series of soaring books, edited by Bob Wander.  Other aviation titles in the Aviation Books & Publications section.

Airline Security Insider  - Airline security news and commentary covering cabin and cockpit defense, upcoming changes, interviews, weather and flight delays.  Report and get feedback on onboard security incidents, or visit the Blog.  Run by an airline pilot.  See the Aviation Security and Aviation Incidents and Safety sections for more.

Tiger Moth Flights

Tiger Moth Flights  - All about flying the Tiger Moth, a British bi-plane.  This site will tell you what you need to know about flying the Tiger Moth in the UK so your flight is as enjoyable as possible.  See the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride section for sightseeing and touring providers.

Aviatrix Logbook  - A woman in the process of earning the certificates and ratings to change careers from research scientist to commercial pilot.  Other weblogs in the Aviation Blogs section.

Dublin Aviation Enthusiasts

100LL.com  - A pilot's information service for use on the ground during flight planning, in the air when deciding where to land, or when changing your flying plans.  The continuously updated U.S. airport directory has FBO information, aviation fuel prices, hotels, ground transportation, airport services, and more.  Look in the FBO and Flight Planning sections for more resources.

Arrived OK

Arrived OK  - This blog has flight and aviation-related news and posts about travel and mobil phone technology.  Learn about iPhone travel apps, issues surrounding inflight use of mobile phones, mobile technology implications for business travel, and many other topics.  The Air Travel page has many other resources for air travelers.

PodAsia - Matthew Holden 

- An interesting podcast for business and leisure travellers in Asia.  It mentions software and hardware tools that you may find helpful, resources on the Web, interviews, notes from visits to different locations, and more.  See the Air Travel section for other resources.

Delmarva Sky Adventures

Delmarva Sky Adventures  - Specializing in weight shift ultralight aircraft instruction, and offering: ultralight aircraft discovery flights, ultralight flight lessons (ground and in air, administered by a certified trainer), training and reference materials, aero towing of hang gliders.  Georgetown, Delaware.  Lots of others sites in the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section.

ATCMonitor.com  - Live monitoring of the Northeast Atlanta Macey Womac Arrival servicing the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Atlanta Georgia USA.  Designed to educate the public about en route air traffic control centers.  For the curious public, travel enthusiasts, pilots, flight simmers, student air traffic controllers, aviation retirees, air traffic controllers, or anyone with an interest in what goes on in en route air traffic control centers.  Streaming audio and video.  See the Air Traffic Control section for other sites.


Plane-Spotter.net  - Movies and pictures from Oslo Aiport, Gardermoen.  Airlines and zviation facts, plus an Avi Forum.  Find other sites in the Aircraft Spotting section.


Plantraco Hobbies  - Indoor flying, including the Butterfly Micro R/C and the Microblimp.  This stuff is really small, really lightweight (sub-gram receivers), and looks like a LOT of fun!  Find other sites in the Radio Control Aircraft > Indoor R/C section.

Airport Business

Airport Business  - Keeps professionals who manage airports, airport-based businesses, and corporate flight facilities in North America updated on issues that affect the aviation and transportation Industry.  The Web site offers a product index and news and information related to business operations.  An archive of articles that have appeared within the pages of Airport Business magazine also provides an additional resource for industry professionals.  Find many others in the Aviation Magazines section.


World War 2 Airplane Model  - Learn how to build realistic model airplanes from plastic kits.  Contains detailed illustrated tips and tutorials.  Find many other aviation modelling sites in the Models section, including Desktop Display Models.


Wings900  - A site for the model collector with a large online model database with nearly 11,000 models, active discussion forums, huge photo database, model reviews, chat, model airports, and a lot more.  See the Models section for other resources.

Total Simulation Series 

- A line of interactive 3D massively multiplayer online games that includes a combat flight simulator, tank simulator and other vehicles from World War I through the end of World War II.  The Warbirds Flight Simulator, pits the Axis vs. the Allies in the skies over Europe, Tunisia, Malta and the Philippines.  See the Flight Simulation section for other sites.

FlightAware  - View schedule and activity for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States.  See scheduled, enroute, and recent flights for any airport.  Tracking, history, maps, and graphs.  See the Flight Tracking section for other options.


UltraFlight Radio Show  - The weekly show discusses subjects of interest to the ultralight or sport aircraft pilot: fixed wing, trike, powered parachute, powered paraglider, glider, gyro, and other topics are covered.  Also, safety subjects, flying events, and government issues.  Weekly email.  More in the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section.

Dixie Aviation Collectibles 

- Extremely rare, hand-autographed airplane models, books, photographs, and prints.  Some famous aviators featured on this site are Bob Hoover, Al White, Scott Crossfield, Paul Tibbets, Patty Wagstaff, Chuck Yeager, Paul Poberezny.  The Memorabilia and Collectibles section has other sites.


JetPhotos.Net  - Thousands of great pictures of all kinds of planes.  Search by aircraft, airline, country/airport, date, and even the photographer.  Also, forums and chat.  Find many other good sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

Weather Briefing Service USA 

- Designed for pilots flying in the United States, this site contains a very diverse set of weather products and can be used as part of a weather briefing in preparation for flight.  The Aviation Weather section has other sites.


Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum  - A flying museum and meeting facility in Mesa, Arizona, and home of the Sentimental Journey, a touring B-17.  Find others in the Museums section.


Team Tango  - The Tango 2 and Foxtrot 4 kit built airplanes are two seat/four seat 200+ mph, fast build composite kits.  All composite parts are pre-formed and exterior parts are gel-coated.  All hardware is pre-machined and welded.  Others in the Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft section.

Scale Publications 

- CD-ROM discs on aviation subjects and modelbuilding.  Titles include "Lockheed P-38 Lightning Gallery" and "B-36:Moving The Last Peacemaker," both by Richard Marmo.  Also available for purchase from the site are aviation art prints from renowned artist Tony Weddel.  Look in the Models and Photos sections for other sites.


Boeing Frontiers Online  - The August 2005 issue of this print (for employees) and online (for others) magazine features an article on the Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems X-45 program.  Using complex computer systems, future aircraft will operate in high-threat combat missions where the ground-based pilot can be anywhere in the world.  Find many other aviation-related publications in the Magazines section.


Sheltair Aviation Services  - A full service FBO located at DAB, FLL, JAX, LGA, MIA, ORL, PIA, TJIG.  Part of the Holland/Sheltair Aviation Group.  More sites in the FBO section.


Aero-News.Net  - A great site with lots of current GA and other aviation news stories, as well as many podcasts: a daily feed, general aviation, sport aviation, aerospace, commercial aviation, and military aviation.  Find other podcasts in the Aviation Blogs & Podcasts section.


- A resource that allows pilots to see the layout of the runways, taxiways, and buildings (depending on the quality of the satellite images) before arriving at the airport.  Built on Google Maps.  More resources in the Pilots section.


Red Bull Cape Town Man  - This extreme multi-discipline relay race in South Africa on 19 November 2005 incorporates speed kite surfing, mountain biking, mountain running, and speed paragliding.  More in the Aviation Events section.

morph wing

See the Blog for a post on Shape Changing Planes  These fascinating RC planes change wing shape like birds to fly like no other aircraft. 


Justin's Pilot Reports (PIREP)  - This instrument-rated private pilot and freelance writer/photographer runs a blog that you might find interesting, particularly if you have an interest in general aviation.  He's posted an Oshkosh photo gallery with some really good aircraft pictures. See Oshkosh 2005 by Justin Moore.


ZapRC Products  - RC plane builds for people who want to experience the excitement of flying a well built, great flying RC airplane, without the hard work.  Specializes in detailing warbirds for that authentic "scale" appearance.  Each build is researched to bring back the true history in these aircraft.  Aerobatic planes and Extreme RC chargers and electronics too.  See the Radio Control section for many other RC sites.


FPNA - Float Planes and Amphibs  - A full service dealer of ultralight and Light Sport Aviation (LSA) aircraft: floatplanes, amphibs, ultralight-sport airplanes and trikes.  Financing and flight instruction.  Palm Harbor, Florida.  Lots more sites in the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section.


Flight Options  - This affiliate of Raytheon Company offers fractional ownership of medium to large private jets, leasing, and JetPASS membership.  The Leasing > Fractional Ownership section has other sites.


WestJet WARRIORS  - The 24th Annual World Airline Road Race is coming to Calgary, Alberta, Canada September 14-17, 2005.  3,000 participants from around the world will gather to run.  W.A.R.R. is open to airline and non-airline employees competing in various categories in a 5K or 10K run.  More in the Aviation Events section.

Mark Greenberg Photography  - The Flight Classics section features outstanding photographs of Scaled Composites aircraft.  Greenberg covered SpaceShipOne for Life Magazine and National Geographic.  Prints are available for order.  Find other photo sites in the Photos, Images, and Artwork section.


RC Talks  - Radio control model forums, pictures, videos, calendar, and related links.  More sites in the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft section.

Heli-Expo Wallpaper 

- You'll find a large selection of aerial photos of helicopters that you can freely use as wallpaper.  See the Software > Screen Savers, Cursors, and Desktop Themes section for other aviation wallpaper.