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B & B Sport Aviation  - Kit aircraft sales and service, two-seat ultralight training.  At Cambridge Dorchester Airport (CGE), Cambridge, Maryland.  On September 15-17th 2006, B&B will host an annual Mid-Atlantic fly-in event with vendors, local law enforcement, and activities for the entire family.  Demonstrations, photo opportunities and some good ol' Eastern Shore food.  Fly-in details.  Other resources in Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft section.


MikesModelPlanes.com  - Offering model replicas of aircraft.  Many in stock, or they can custom build your model with the markings you desire.  Most models are hand crafted from Mahogany wood, detailed by artists, and completed with a durable finish.  Also, maritime and space craft models.  See the Aircraft Models section for airplane model links.

Practical Nomad

The Practical Nomad  - The personal blog of Edward Hasbrouck is a good read and he offers some informative tips for air travelers in light of the recent terrorist plot.  Beyond that, you can learn about his activities with "The Identity Project, a civil liberties organization concerned with the freedom of travel."  Find more information about the foiled bomb plot in the Travel Security Blog.

Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey  - Photographer and film-maker Nick Veasey works with x-ray and scientific equipment to create unusual imagery to commission.  One image is a full-size X-ray of a Boeing 777 jet applied to a hangar at JFK airport.  Hunt around his site for some fascinating photography, video, and articles.  See the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for other great sites.


Choosing Your Flight School  - AOPA provides general guidelines to aid anyone interested in learning to fly.  These include the types of schools, how to select the one appropriate for you, what to know about your flight instructor, and information abouts costs.  The online directory is a great way to search for flight schools by geographic area.  Find other sources of information in the Aviation Training and Education section.


PATCO 25th Strike Anniversary  - The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization is holding their Convention and Reunion August 2-3, 2006, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, Florida.  Spend time with current and former PATCO Controllers as they relive the strike, share their personal stories, and talk about the current state of the industry.  Background.


Hummingbird  - A blog by an environmentally-obsessed British cabin crew member (Charlie Moores) and his partner/girlfriend.  The blog's aim is to look for, share, and promote ways to make travelling for a job more "green."  More sites in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.


AviationResumesOnline.com  - A global database of aviation professionals seeking employment.  Jobseekers post resumes to become searchable by companies hiring.  Employers save time and money by searching the resume database to find and hire qualified personnel.  The Aviation Employment section has other sites.

Where Can I Buy It?

Where Can I Buy It? RC planes  - Find radio control planes, parts, and spares from UK Suppliers.  Includes Depron, Li-Po batteries, ESCs, ARTF aircraft and kits.  This site was set up to help people who enjoy flying radio control planes, but keep crashing.  You can find spare parts from a variety of suppliers in the UK just by viewing this one website.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.


glue-it.co.uk  - An aircraft photographic reference for model makers, or just to browse for interest.  Listed by manufacturer and model, including complete walk arounds.  Monoplanes, biplanes, civil, military, gliders.    Find more photo sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.


aeronaut  - Well-written commentary on the aviation industry and flying in general by a commercial pilot working on the career path.  A recent posting includes a link to photos from the recent Arlington EAA Fly-In.  Visit the Pilot Resources section for more sites of interest to pilots.

TRK Helicopters

TRK Helicopters  - A helicopter pilot flight training in school in BC, Canada.  Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Mountain courses.  Also, helicopter charter and tour services through some of the most beautiful scenery in North America.  Look in the Aviation Training and Education section for other providers, and in the Sightseeing & Touring section for other great rides.

Light Flight

Light Flight  - A Western Australia hang gliding and microlighting school.  They supply a range of hang gliding and microlighting equipment, and run flying tours both locally, interstate, and overseas.  See the Aviation Training section for many other sites.

Aerial Worx

Aerial Worx  - Specialists in aerial advertising and photography using motorised hanggliders.  Display your logo or messages under the wing as they fly over popular areas such as the Gold Coast, the Indy car race, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane's Bayside and Southbank.  Aerial phography is enhanced by the slow speed and unobstructed view.  Fully CASA certified, in South East Queensland.  See more resources in the Aerial Advertising section.


Preston Aviation, Inc.  - Scenic rides and instruction, endorsements, proficiency training, and tailwheel training in a 1941 Boeing Stearman and 1946 Piper J3 Cub.  Now at Peach State Airport (GA2) in Williamson, Georgia just south of Atlanta.  Find balloon and aircraft rides in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride > Sightseeing & Touring section.


Experimental Soaring Association  - ESA (formerly the Sailplane Homebuilders Association) was formed in 1979 by a group of pilots, designers, and craftsmen, and has been energetically active ever since.  The purpose of the ESA/SHA and its Workshops is to encourage the design and construction of sailplanes which optimize performance and safety.  Find other resources in the Sailplanes, Soaring, & Motorgliding and Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft sections.


AOPA Air Safety Foundation  - This site, including the Online Safety Center, provides a comprehensive collection of safety information and allows pilots to continue to improve their knowledge of air safety.  ASF's collection of safety data and resources include: a library of publications such as Safety Advisors, Safety Briefs, and the Nall Report.  Also, online courses and safety quizzes, the comprehensive Accident Database, and much more.  Look in the Aviation Incidents and Safety section for other sites.

Live To Fly

Live To Fly  - An international aviation-only search engine with free listings and a keyword-based search facility.  The searches I tried seemed to produce good results.  Find a large selection of other sites in the Aviation Directories, Portals, and Link Lists section.

Wings in Focus

Wings in Focus  - A series of DVDs about the aircraft YOU fly.  The first in the series profiles the Piper Cherokee, from its inception as the PA28-150, through to the current model Archers, Warriors, and Arrows.  The second DVD is scheduled to be on the Cessna 172.  Find more movie sites in the Aviation Videos and Animation section.

Asia Sky Image Archives

A.S.I.A.-Asia Sky Image Archives  - A group of professional aviation photographers who focus on providing high quality and industrial Asian civilian and military aviation images.  Business users and certain photographers can download full-size, while others can share mid-size images.  Chinese and English message boards.  Find more photo sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.


ADN - FindAircraft.com  - A huge aircraft search portal with over 10,000 aircraft listings from over 1800 aircraft dealers and private sellers.  Also features aviation services and resources.  If you are looking for an aircraft or want others to find yours, consider this site.  The Aircraft Sales, Classifieds, For Sale, Wanted section has other sites.

Bomber Restaurant

Bomber Restaurant  - The restaurant's theme is tied to the B-24 bombers that were made during World War II at the nearby Willow Run bomber plant.  Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Look in the Aviation Theme Establishments section for a few other businesses.


Stonehouse Collection  - A good selection of aviation birthday cards and airplane note cards.  Cards are 5 x 7 and printed on premium heavy weight paper.  Personalized messages imprinted free for quantities of 10 or more.  Find other interesting items in the Gifts and Products for Aviation Enthusiasts section.


flugzeuginfo.net  - das Flugzeuglexikon - the Aircraft Encyclopedia.  Technical specifications for most civil and military aeroplanes and helicopters (built after WWII).  You can download a photo and a PDF-Datasheet for every aircraft.  In German and English.  More aviation information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Aviation Facts section.

Niels Skydives

Niels Skydives  - A great information site about the sport - especially for first time jumpers, novices, and those considering getting hooked on it.  History, tandem, static line, accelerated free fall, BASE jumping, videos, and lots more information.  The Parachutes & Skydiving section has many other resources.

Tropic Aero

Tropic Aero  - A low price supplier of aviation electronics and pilot supplies for over 20 years: New and reconditioned GPS systems, general aviation and helicopter headsets, apparel, flight sims, logbooks, safety equipment, and more.  Find other sources in the Aviation Merchandise > Pilot Shops section.

Wings Over The World

Wings Over The World  - Radio controlled planes and accessories, mostly catering to the beginner, first time, electric flyer crowd.  Kits and ready to fly models, Grand Wings Servos, Protech, and Imex-Delta models.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.


Intvas  - The International Virtual Aviation Society is a new and free online flight and virtual air traffic control network.  It employs a democratic system where members can shape the network to meet their needs.  See the Flight Simulation section for other sites.

Sport Paragliding

Sport Paragliding  - A Sacramento California powered paragliding school offering courses, videos, equipment, and more.  Take a one hour tandem training flight and decide if you want to become a student.  More in the Paragliding section.

A2B Virtual

A2B Virtual Airlines  - Serving a large area of Europe, with hubs at Manchester International Airport (EGCC), and flying the Boeing 737/757/747 and the Airbus A318.  A military sqn has been launched based at RAF Valley in north Wales.  Other VAs in the Virtual Airlines section.


PocketFMS Foundation  - Flight Management (Moving Map) software for your Windows machine, as well as for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.  Select your departure and destination aerodromes, get the MeteoData, and PocketFMS plots the route for you.  You can manually adjust the route, add waypoints, avoid certain airspace classes and -types as well as low cloud bases.  PocketFMS will compute the optimal route.  Transfer it all to your Pocket PC, connect your GPS receiver, and go fly.  Look in the Aviation Software > Pilot Software section for other resources.

Simulation News

Simulation News  - SIMnewz.com is about providing simmers a community environment that fosters camaraderie and a place to share experiences and offer assistance to others.  Site features include an active forum, news and reviews, chat room, image gallery, multiple 24/7 flight servers, "events" and group flights.  Other sim resources in the Flight Simulation section.

Adventure of Flight

Adventure of Flight  - A series of three record setting world flights promoting the charity Flying Scholarships for the Disabled, in the "Spirit of Endeavour," a homebuilt GlaStar airplane affectionately known as 'Goofy' from its unique registration N-600FY.  Mile High Names is a website seeking support for the flight by placing sponsor names on the Spirit of Endeavour.


Cabin Class Collectibles  - Transportation memorabilia of all sorts for sale, including galley items (china, silver plate, glassware, swizzle sticks, menus, food service items), cabin items (amenity kits, flight packets, blankets, souvenir wings, passenger-related items), terminal items (postcards, tickets, tote bags, luggage tags, posters, brochures, promotional items), and cockpit items (uniforms and crew-related items).  Many more resources in the Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles section.


EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2006  - "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration" is July 24 - 30, 2006, with rare and interesting aircraft, hands-on experiences for kids, over 500 forums, exhibit buildings, and an airshow with historic aircraft.  Listen to Aero-News.Net's podcast interview with the EAA's Tom Poberezny on what to expect at AirVenture  Look in the Aviation Events section for other events.


Flightdeck Air Combat Center  - An authentic military flight simulation center that gives civilians the opportunity to pilot a fighter jet in actual flight simulators.  Anaheim, California.  No prior experience necessary.  Flight gear, training, and in-flight instruction provided.  Find more sim resources in the Flight Simulation section.

British Ballooning.

British School of Ballooning  - Champagne, VIP, and corporate flights over the English countryside including Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Herts, Essex, Berkshire, Bath and the East Midlands.  Gift vouchers valid for twelve months.  Book online.  In the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride > Sightseeing & Touring section, you'll find other great rides.


FreeFlyingDuck  - A small group of free flyers came to the conclusion there wasn't enough gear for free flyers, and they thought they'd fix this situation with paragliding shirts, clothing, and accessories: fun wear for free flyers.  Paraglider and hangglider pilots should take a look.  Find other interesting items in the Gifts and Products for Aviation Enthusiasts section.


Thunderprop Ltd  - Offering a unique chance to experience flight in a Second World War warbird, a restored Harvard T6 Texan aircraft powered by a 600HP Pratt & Whitney radial engine.  At Shoreham Airport, in the South of England.  Find more warbird rides in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride section.


topcover  - Mark Farmer's award-winning air-to-air photography of combat aircraft, helicopters, space shots, civil planes, and warships.  His blog focuses on military, aviation, space and science efforts plus related news, politics, and reflections on living in "The Great Land" (Alaska).  Farmer is a Special Correspondent to Combat Aircraft magazine and is a contract stringer for The Associated Press, Aviation Week & Space Technology, plus many other publications, newpapers, and TV shows.  Find more photo sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.


Girls With Wings  - A movement to encourage more young girls to consider their future in aviation.  GWW includes current women in aviation fields, and the future ones.  See also Generate LIFT, Inc., a non-profit organization to "Lead, Inspire, Fund, Train" youth to accomplish their academic and personal aspirations by joining together aviation enthusiasts for mentorship and community outreach.  My First Wings is an online retailer of aviation related gifts for youth, children, toddlers, and infants.  They carry a large selection of girls aviation related items.  Look in the Youth section for other aviation sites of interest to young people.

Skydive Radio

Skydive Radio  - This weekly podcast is dedicated to skydiving and offers discussions covering a variety of topics: news, events, dropzones, policies, memorable jumps, history, and any other hot topic related to skydiving.  Also, product reviews and conversations with well known skydivers.  Another recent find is The Amateur Traveler Podcast, a weekly travel podcast for people who love to travel, focusing on travel stories, travel news, tips, and travel resources.  All with a little bit of humor.  Many more aviation blogs and podcasts in the Blogs & Podcasts section.


Aviongoo  - Provides aggregate listings of aircraft for sale with links back to the listing websites.  Market statistics for each model group.  The Aircraft Sales, Classifieds, For Sale, Wanted section has other resources.


The Icarus Report  - A fascinating blog with news and interesting tidbits from the world of wingsuits, skyflying, and other forms of "personal flight." By the author of Birdmen, Batmen, and Skyflyers: Wingsuits and the Pioneers Who Flew in Them, Fell in Them, and Perfected Them.


BlackDogRC  - A shop for RC electric airplane kits and parts.  Lithium packs, servos, brushless, Parkflyer kits.  They seek to make the RC flying hobby affordable, easy, and enjoyable for anyone.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.

Custom Nose Art

Custom Nose Art  - This artist sells work inspired by military nose art.  It can be customized and personalized with your name, organization, or event.  Artwork is available as prints, as a vehicle applique for your car or aircraft, or printed on mugs, shirts, or buttons.  Find other sources for aviation art in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

Pilots of America

Pilots of America  - The active message board contains posts on pilot training, IFR, maintenance, aerobatics, cool places to fly, and homebuilts.  You can talk about lessons learned, medical issues, and items to buy and sell.  There is a links database and a photo gallery.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other communities.


Tripso  - They call themselves "the last honest travel site" and claim to be "the oldest continuously published travel news and commentary site on the Web."  This was originally called Ticked.com, then Travelcomment.com, now Tripso.  Get your travel problems solved, keep up with travel news, read columns and post in the forums.  There are many more resources in the Air Travel section.

Junior Pilot Adventures

Junior Pilot Adventures  - A children's aviation book about two little pilots from South Africa who fly off on an exciting journey to fetch their friends from another city.  Along the way, they experience a number of situations which test their flying skills.  The story aims to educate little readers about some aspects of aviation with a safety theme throughout.  Look in the Youth section for other aviation sites of interest to young people.


FlightSimBooks.com  - They make the full text of 13 classic flight simulation books available on the web, with permission of the copyright holders.  Titles include PC Pilot by Steve Smith, Jet Fighter School by Richard G. Sheffield, Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator by John Rafferty, and others including Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook by Jonathan M. Stern.  Published in 1995, this 600-page book covers versions 5.0 and 5.1 of Flight Simulator for the PC.  Other aviation titles in the Aviation Books & Publications section.


ShayRC  - A place on the Web where R/C addicts can share their R/C photos and videos.  Manage your own R/C photo gallery using a simple user interface.  And it's free!  There is a new streaming video gallery section and a forum-based system where you can contact other RC gallery owners easily.  Look for other sites in the Radio Control section.


milehighpoxic.com  - An online virtual crew lounge featuring recipes, products, tips, blog, industry related entertainment reviews, and more.  More sites in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.

Aviation Trivia

Aviation Trivia  - Accomplishments, specifications, pictures, and wav sounds of hundreds of historic aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the F-35.  Learn about the fastest, the largest, the highest, firsts, and lots of other aviation facts and trivia.  The FAQs and Facts section has other sites with interesting information.

Airspeed Online

Airspeed Online  - The home on the web of the Airspeed podcasts and radio programs which go in depth to cover aviation, aerospace, space exploration, and associated topics.  Designed primarily for pilots and other aviation personnel.  Recent topics include an F-16 instructor pilot talking about what it takes to become an Air Force pilot, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, and understanding stalls.  Find a huge list of aviation blogs and many aviation podcasts in the Blogs & Podcasts section.

Mark Styling

Mark Styling Aviation Illustrator & Artist  - Aviation profiles and artwork: side views, full colour artwork, and promotional and publishing work.  Aircraft from WWII, Korea, and modern aircraft.  Order prints or commission new work.  See other aviation art in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Aircraft Profiles section.

United 93 

- September 11, 2001.  Four planes were hijacked.  Three of them reached their target.  This movie is the story of the fourth.  United Airlines Flight 93 from Wikipedia is a good starting point to research the flight.  A few other aviation movie sites are in the Aviation Video > Movie Sites section.

Mac McRae

Mac McRae Illustration  - This digital illustrator creates striking artwork of aircraft and has produced aircraft illustrations for books, magazines, computer games, posters, and product advertisements.  You can purchase prints and new works can be commissioned.  See other aviation art in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

Angel Flight East

17th Annual Vintage Aircraft and Classic Car Show  - To be held on Sept. 9, 2006 at Wings Field (LOM), in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania from 10AM to 3PM.  (Rain date Sept 10.)  All net proceeds will go to benefit Angel Flight East, a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate free air transportation for medical and humanitarian needs.  Find other activities in the Aviation Events section.


sellmyAircraft.com  - Provides dealers and private sellers with a simple and cost effective method of displaying aircraft for sale and aircraft accessories online.  Single and twin piston and turboprops, corporate jets, helicopters, homebuilt, and amphibious.  The Aircraft Sales, Classifieds, For Sale, Wanted section has other resources.


The Diamond Aircraft D-Jet completed it's first flight on April 18, 2006.  This 5-place "personal jet" is powered by a Williams FJ33 turbine and is equipped with a Garmin all-glass flight deck and autopilot.  The 1 hour 6 minute test flight was conducted from the London International Airport.  A video of the flight is available.  Look for the Eclipse, HondaJet, and other VLJs in the Airplanes > Very Light Jets section.

Sport Pilot TV

Sport Pilot TV  - A weekly program that puts you in the flying seat of all kinds of aircraft - conventional, sport pilot category, and experimental.  Episodes are available on DVD.  There are a few other sites in the Aviation on Television section.


New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise  - The NJCAAN is a volunteer citizens group focused on reducing noise from New York and New Jersey metro area airports, especially by promoting ocean routes and quieter Stage 3 and 4 aircraft.  See the Airports & Airfields > Airport Noise section for other sites.


Aircraftspotting.net  - Spotters who log registrations or take pictures will like this site.  The emphasis is on civil airliners, but you will also find information and photographs of military aircraft and air shows.  See the Aircraft Spotting section for other sites where you can learn more about this hobby.


JetBlast!  - This interactive aviation community offers private messaging, forums, a journal, useful newsfeeds, and a chatbox.  You can also create your own blog or photo album.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other forums, including the new pilot-talk pilot-talk.com, a forum for anything and everything to do with aviation.

HangarView  - This aviation news and opinion blog is very active and contains unusually interesting items.  Very cool - go visit this one now and you'll probably make it a favorite!


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh  - Have you made your plans yet for the "World's Greatest Aviation Celebration" July 24 - 30, 2006?  This annual social and spectator event brings together aviation enthusiasts from around the world.  Look for other fly-ins, aishows, and conferences in the Aviation Events section.


AirFive.aero  - This free news service emails subscribers the top 5 aviation news stories each day.  The email contains the full text for each story so you can read it from your PC, MAC, or Blackberry.  Written by the journalists who write the AirFinance Journal, a financial magazine for the commercial aerospace market.  Lots of other news sources in the Aviation News section.

Call for Donations 

Division 5 of the Air Force Sergeants Association is seeking donations for a Silent Auction.  Help support this non-profit organization.

Team Tracon

Team Tracon  - A personal RC electric plane website.  GWS Planes, Beaver, Formosa, Mustang, E-Starter.  RC float planes, tips, tricks and mods.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.

Stop Cell Phone Use on Airplanes 

- A "blog dedicated to stopping the authorization of in-flight cell phone use by passengers.  Opinions on the topic of airtravel cell phone use and tools designed to stop it before it starts."  Many more sites in the Aviation Blogs section.


Flightlab  - Their Wide-Envelope Maneuvering and Upset Recovery Program was developed by test pilots, military instructors, and aerobatic competition pilots.  Through exercises in advanced-maneuvering aerodynamics, students explore the characteristics of aircraft flown outside the normal attitude and stability envelopes.  The program features a comprehensive ground school using digital wind tunnels and interactive flight-dynamics software.  In the air, they use tufted wings and actual flight-test techniques to demonstrate aircraft handling and upset characteristics.  At Plymouth Airport (KPYM) in Massachusetts.  Others in the Training > Aerobatic Training section.


IFC Global Network  - The IFC Global Network conducts large flight simulation conventions and exhibitions around the world, giving you the opportunity to see and buy all the latest in FS software, hardware, cockpits, publications, and more.  The website offers FS forums, a news archive, gallery, file library, merchandise, and other resources.  See the Flight Simulation section for other sites.

Model Airplane Review

Model Airplane Review  - Reviews of books, model kits, RC model airplanes, and all things RC.  The associated blog Model Airplanes, RC, Free Flight, Scale Models or just Fun! contains lots of aeromodeling tips, information, and resources.  Look for other resources in the Radio Control section.

Love My Seat

LoveMySeat Airplane Seat Reviews and Ratings  - A guide to airplane seat recommendations, seat reviews, seat ratings, and in-flight services.  Find other resources in the Air Travel section.


FLAVIIR  - A research program looking at technologies for future unmanned air vehicles (UAV) funded jointly by BAE SYSTEMS and EPSRC.  The challenge is "to develop technologies for a maintenance free, low cost UAV without conventional control surfaces and without performance penalty over conventional craft."  See the UAV section for other sites.


Logbook Magazine  - The 1st Quarter 2006 issue of this great quarterly history magazine is now available.  The cover story, "Early SR-71 Flight Test" is a detailed interview with an SR-71 test pilot and includes many impressive photographs.  The piece on "Flying Three British Jets" sheds some light on the RAF's post war aviation industry.  See the Magazines & Periodicals section for an extensive list of other aviation magazines.

Pod Asia

This week in podcasts: Matthew Holden comes to us from Hanoi in Pod Asia, a podcast for the business and leisure traveller.  You'll hear tips for travelling to Hanoi, and why you always back up your files.  Last week's show from Tokyo, by the way, includes a great walking tour of Narita Airport.  Look for Matthew to break into the videocast business soon.

Have a listen at Skydive Radio if you like to jump out of airplanes, or Pilotcast if you like to fly them, or Aero-News.net if you want daily news about them.

Betty In Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!, a Flight Attendant for a major airline brings us short stories from the industry and from life in general that say something about us all.  You'll get a chuckle from this one!

The Flying Pilot podcast covers the NTSB report of JFK Jr's Saratoga crash and has a science section on blimps, the history of Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin, some music, and a contest.


AirportBug.org  - An airport directory presented for pilots, travelers, and anyone looking for information about an airport or traveling.  They offer information on public and private airports, heliports, and other related facilities.  Articles include information about traveling, flying, small plane and jet ownership, and more.  Data comes from various sources including the Department of Transportation, FAA, and others.  Find a many more resources in the Air Travel section.

Valley Hawk

RAF Valley Hawk Display  - The public face of No 4 Flying Training School at RAF Valley, which exists to demonstrate the professional excellence of the RAF and promote recruitment to the RAF, both as officers and airmen, and for all trades, not just aircrew.  Others in the Aviation Events > Airshow Performers section.


SouthWings  - This non-profit aviation organization uses volunteer pilots and small aircraft to protect and conserve the natural resources and ecosystems of the Southeast U.S.  They provide aerial surveillance of forests and watersheds, and expose environmental degradation and illegal land management practices that would not otherwise be known.  Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, and working across Southeast Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  Find other groups in the Aviation Organizations > Humanitarian/Charitable section.

RC DownUnder

RC DownUnder Australia  - An RC modelling website with forums, weather, RC club location database, and reviews.  Covers all RC models including planes, boats, and cars.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.


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