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Soapopular  - Just about every flight attendant is using a hand sanitizer of one kind or another.  Here's an alcohol-free, fragrance free product that's been endorsed by leading healthcare industry executives.  For a limited time you can get 20% off with your Amazon.com order.  Look for other resources in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.


ForeFlight, iPhone Edition  - With this full-featured application for the Apple iPhone you get airport diagrams, A/FD data, plain text weather, and a variety of weather images in your iPhone.  It's fully integrated with MyMetar.com weather so subscribers of ForeFlight get airport data and weather through a single user interface.  Monthly and annual plans are available.  The Aviation Weather section has links to other useful resources.

the "oops" list

the "oops" list  - Pages and pages of "oops" images that show commercial airliners, military planes, and other aircraft.  They've got accidents and incidents of all types: some very serious and others just hilarious.  And that's the whole site - just links to these photographs, as well as to a few .wmv files.  You'll get a few laughs from this one!  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for other aviation picture and artwork sites.

Ace Craft USA

Ace Craft USA  - The "GEN H-4" is described at the world's smallest co-axial helicopter that actually flies.  This Japanese-designed and manufactured ultralight one-man helicopter has a total empty weight of only 155 lbs.  Power comes from four two-stroke, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed 125cc engines, each producing 10 hp, for a total power package of 40 hp.  The Helicopters and Gyroplanes section has many other rotary wing sites.

BuzzAway Airways

BuzzAway Airways  - A virtual airline for Microsoft's Flight Simulator.  They mimic the operations of a real world commercial airline in the virtual world of Flight Simulator.  Currently operating across Europe from London Gatwick Airport with plans for further growth.  The fleet ranges from the CRJ-200 to the B767 and they're always looking for new pilots to help make their virtual airline as real as it gets.  You'll find other VAs in the Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines section.


MyPilotCareer  - A free airline pilot interview resource.  The "Airline Pilot Interview Gouge" tells you which companies are currently recruiting pilots.  The "Pre-interview Checklist" is a step-by-step guide to the certificates, documents, and information to have available for your interview.  The Aviation Employment section has other resources for aviation job seekers.

Flight Global

Flight Global  - The website of Flight International, Airline Business, ACAS, Air Transport Intelligence (ATI), The Flight Collection and much more.  It includes daily news updates, searchable directories, and the content of the current issues of Flight International and Airline Business as soon as it is published, along with searchable archives going back to 1996.  They also cover major air shows, such as Paris, Dubai, Asian Aerospace, and Farnborough.  See the Aviation News section for other sources for current news.


Rentplanes.com  - Find rental planes and "for sale" planes anywhere in the U.S. based on zip codes, city/state, make/model/type of plane, or even by airport ID.  Add your plane to their listings, or just have a free search of your local area.  This site indexed 5,200+ airfields in the United States to make the complete listing available to the thousands of pilots who search for rental aircraft every day.


A&M - Autographs and Memorabilia Magazine  - Chaucer Collectables has started A&M - Autographs and Memorabilia Magazine, aimed at the serious collectables market across the UK.  They have large stocks of aviation and flight products and now compose editorial features each month.  The September issue covers the Dambusters and the slick on-line magazine interface allows you to interactively flick through pages, zoom into products, order at the touch of a button, and has a fully functioning search facility.  All advertisements in the magazine have external links to websites.  Over in the Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles section you can find a number of specialized and general memorabilia sites.

Flight Attendant Shop

The Flight Attendant Shop  - This online discount retailer offers flight crew merchandise specifically for flight attendants.  Get luggage, ID tags, gifts, travel accessories, manual covers, and more.  The site also has a forum.  Look for other websites in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.

Remote Possibilities RC Club

Remote Possibilities RC Club  - A place where those interested in all aspects of the remote control hobby can get together and share ideas and knowledge.  They have a wide range of aircraft in the club, from electric park fliers to jet aircraft and everything in between.  St. George, Utah.  Find a few other RC club sites in the Aviation Clubs section.


AIR Airline Industry Update  - A free-access commercial aviation directory with more than 6,000 contacts in 15 different categories, covering airlines, manufacturers, ground handling, MRO, and many more.  They also produce a business-to-business e-newsletter, and provide current airline news headlines with links to news articles and press releases.  See the Aviation News section for other sources for current news.

Wedge Travel

Wedge Travel LLC  - A trip planning site that allows you to compare going via car, commercial airline, and private plane.  You enter your departure and destination addresses, group size, and the dates of your trip.  The Wedge presents you with the total trip time for car, private, and commercial flight, the cost per person and the total cost for the group.  Use this tool extend your use of private aviation and justify more trips based on speed, convenience, and cost.  The site has many other useful air travel resources.  Look in the Air Travel section for other sites for air travelers.

Military Aviation Art

Military Aviation Art  - Military aviation art illustrations from the World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and High Tech US eras.  Your 8 x 10 or 9 x 14 matted print can be customized with its own name, pilots name, paint scheme, squadron markings, and nose art.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for other aviation picture and artwork sites.

African Aviation

African Aviation  - This growing site presents aviation news from the African Continent.  It also hosts a forum and will contain additional industry information in the future.  See the Aviation News section for other news sites.

Aviation Modelworks

Aviation Modelworks  - Makers of premium quality hand-painted mahogany wood model airplanes and helicopters, including aircraft used during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and other significant eras.  They also offer model aircraft signed by famous war pilots.  Find many other sources for aircraft models in the Models section.


Aviation-Job.EU  - A site for international aviation recruitment: aviation jobs, flight crew jobs, cabin crew jobs, airline jobs, airport jobs, aircraft maintenance jobs, and more.  The Aviation Employment section has other resources for job seekers.


AirTraffic.eu  - View flights within Europe in a graphical overview.  Hover over a city and see flights to all destination cities.  Click a city pair and you'll see links to the airlines providing that service, as well as hotels and car rental in the destination city.  You'll also find links to airline websites and routemaps by airline.  See the Flight Tracking section for other online flight tracking sites, as well as aircraft tracking products and services.

Aviation Regs.org

Aviation Regs.org  - A new, open forum for discussions regarding Federal Aviation Regulations as they pertain to FAR Part 121 and 135 Operators and FAR Part 145 Repair Stations.  Also the interpretation of these rules by operators and the FAA.  Look in the Aviation Regulatory & Government Agencies section for other sites.

Pilot Shop Madrid

Bucker Book Libreria Aeronautica - Pilot Shop Madrid  - This pilot shop stocks aviation supplies, books for professional pilots, flight training products, headsets, aeronautical charts, uniforms, flight jackets, flight simulators, Jeppesen, David Clarck, Bose, kneeboards, Leatherman tools.  With immediate order and secure payment worldwide.  Located in Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, Spain.  You can find other pilots shops in the Aviation Merchandise section, along with sources for aviation apparel, gifts, hobby shops, and other products.

Sandy Creek Airpark

Sandy Creek Airpark  - A Northwest Florida aviation community featuring a 3,850 foot turf runway, runway lights and beacon for night operations, acre home sites, nearby boat ramp access, an Architectural Control Committee, underground utilities, and on-site EAA Chapter 202.  Located two miles from EastBay, a bay-front community featuring a marina and commercial area with a small town, coastal Florida atmosphere.  The Residential Airparks section has links to a number of other airparks.


Vayama  - This site finds airline tickets for international flights using Microsoft Virtual Earth to graphically zoom into the world to select arrival and departure cities.  City information shows transportation services, where to eat and what to do, and travel blogs associated with that city.  A "Web 2.0" site still in beta.  Look in the Air Travel section for many more resource sites for air travelers.


Steadywinds.com  - Kite information and resources: kites in the news, kite building, photos and descriptions of amazing kites built by the author, kite aerial photography, kite festivals and workshops.  A "must see" site for kite enthusiasts.  See also Synergetic kites... soaring without wind for active high-tech single line synergetic kites and equipment, including plans for the urban ninja, a low wind kite that can be flown in horizontal gliding, flatspin, or diving mode.  This kite is designed to fly in the most gentle of breezes or without any wind in confined areas like parking lots, courtyards and parks.  In normal winds it hangs up there.  See the Kites section for more.

White Mountain Lakes Airpark

White Mountain Lakes Airpark  - This airpark in northern Arizona will feature a private 4,000 foot paved runway surrounded by up to 300 taxiway access homes and 150 additional hangars.  It's part of the White Mountain Lakes Master Planned Community, which is under development.  Lots are available now.  The Residential Airparks section has links to a number of other airparks, as well as some resources for those considering a move to an airpark.

Unique Handmade Creations

Unique Handmade Creations Inc.  - Wooden desktop display models of airplanes, space vehicles, helicopters, and others.  These are 100% handcrafted of mahogany with no two exactly alike.  They produce exact replicas as well as artistic renderings, and they will create custom models for you.  Interestingly, the wood used is left over from the furniture manufacturing industry, so no trees are cut for the models.  Find many other sources for aircraft models in the Models section.

F-22 Raptor

F-22 Raptor Team Web Site  - This Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company site is full of F-22 resources, including links, photos, videos, a model gallery, history, team information, technology descriptions, and more.  The video of the First Ever Public Air Show Demo from Langley AFB is perhaps the most impressive fighter aircraft demonstration you've ever seen.  Awesome is an understatement.  The Military Aviation > F-22 Raptor section has other great sites.

Track Glacier Girl

The P-38 Lost Squadron Museum has history and photos about the two squadrons of Lockheed P-38s escorting a Boeing B-17 July 15, 1942 that were forced to land on the eastern coast of Greenland.  The pilots were rescued but the planes were left to be recovered at a later date, which turned out to be 1992 for one of the P-28's.


MyMetar  - With this "weather bookmarking service," you can get your favorite METARS, TAFs, and radar images on a single web page, desktop widget, or your phone.  MyMetar.com has developed a aviation weather interface just for the Apple iPhone.  A preview is available.  The Aviation Weather section has links to other useful resources.

R/C Wings & Wheels

R/C Wings & Wheels Hobby Supplies  - This Canadian shop offers radio control airplanes and helicopters, as well as cars, trucks, and boats.  You'll also find R/C aircraft accessories, radios, nitro and gas engines and components, tools, and building equipment.  They also have plastic aircraft models, model rockets, and kites.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.

So Much World

So Much World - Online Travel Guides  - A digital alternative to the traditional paper travel guides.  Still a new site but very ambitious and populated by passionate travel writers and experts with reviews, booking services, and high quality free travel information.  Look in the Air Travel section for many more resource sites for air travelers.

Women Soar

Women Soar  - On July 22-23, 2007, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) will present Women Soar - The Sky is Not the Limit 2007.  Held during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Women Soar will introduce girls in grades 9-12 to exciting career opportunities in the math, science, and technology fields and highlight educational resources and inspire them to explore their potential.  Proceeds support scholarships which help girls pursue their dreams through EAA's education programs and activities.  Look in the Aviation Events section for other events.

Narromine Air Pageant

Narromine Air Pageant & Evolution of Flight Festival  - Celebrate the evolution of aviation with a spectacular Air Show and vibrant community Festival.  There will be aerial demonstrations, joy flights, commercial trade exhibits, and many aircraft on display, including a Wright Flyer replica.  Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 September 2007, Narromine, New South Wales.  Narromine is home to the oldest Aero Club in regional Australia.  The aerodrome accommodates the Aviation Museum, various gliding and flying schools and clubs, as well as an array of aviation related businesses.  Look for other activities in the Aviation Events section.

Balloon Sunrise

Balloon Sunrise  - Founded in 1986 as the first commercial hot air ballooning operation in Australia, and offering hot air balloon rides over the City of Melbourne and the beautiful Yarra Valley.  All flights are followed by a 5-star gourmet champagne breakfast.  See the Rent-A-Ride section for balloon flights, fighter rides, and other aircraft sightseeing and adventure rides.


FlyStories.com  - Read and share stories and videos on just about any aviation topic: bush flying, airlines, military, light aircraft, training, flight attendant, funny tales, bizarre stories, mile high, crashes, just plane dumb, and others.

Flight Facts

Flight Facts - European Low Cost Airline News  - This site helps flyers, customers, and enthusiasts find information on European low cost airlines: their routes, destinations, news, maps, meals, photos, and reviews.  (The navigation interface is quite clever!)  Look in the Air Travel section for many more resource sites for air travelers.

Micro Jet Positions

Micro Jet Positions  - Founded to help buyers and sellers of "Micro Jets" or "VLJs" (Very Light Jets), find each other.  They locate early microjet positions, find others to share costs, and assist in transactions.  Their Pilot Database helps owners find VLJ pilots.  This site also has current news for the Eclipse 500, Cessna Mustang, Diamond D-Jet, Phenom 100, Adams A700, and other jets.  See the Airplanes > Very Light Jets section for other sites.

Pilot Essentials

Pilot Essentials  - Gear for General Aviation pilots.  Based in Jackson Hole Wyoming and offering aviation headsets, aviation transceivers, aviation GPS, and pilot supplies from Garmin, Lowrance, Lightspeed Aviation, Telex, and many more.  Also flight training supplies including kits, textbooks, and FAA test prep materials from ASA, Jeppesen Sanderson, and Gleim Aviation Publications.  You can find other products in the Aviation Merchandise section.


TalkingTarmac 2.0  - This site allows users to submit important stories related to Indian and international aviation news found across the Web, vote on stories other users have submitted, comment and discuss the stories, and create networks of friends.  It's well done and worth a look.  See the Aviation News section for other news sites.


AeroFred.com Plans  - At this site you can find thousands of Radio Control plans, all free and available in different formats.  There are plans for model airplanes, sailplanes, U-control, helicopters, foamies, indoor, and others.  Join and you can upload and share your plans with other modelers.  You can also purchase models and accessories from AeroFred.com.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.

Ford Tri-Motor Bookings

EAA AirVenture Museum - Ford Tri-Motor Bookings  - Fly in a genuine 1929 Ford Tri-Motor!  The EAA is taking their plane on a tour at various locations in June and July 2007, and will visit Elkhart and Columbus Indiana, Columbus and New Philadelphia Ohio, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Sansusky Ohio, and Madison Wisconson.  At the Ohio State University Airport (KOSU) June 15-17 you can ride in the plane and they'll also have some Ford Model A and T autos.  The airport is located at 2160 W. Case Road, Columbus, OH.  Look for other aviation activities in the Aviation Events section.


International Pilots Net  - A global meeting point for pilots and wannabees around the world.  The site features a pilot forum and a wide range of pilot job resources.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for many other aviation communities.

Budget Airline Guide

Budget Airline Guide  - A low-cost airline information center with budget airline profiles, news, and discussion forums.  Search by airline or destination region, or sign up for the free email newsletter.  Discuss low cost airline experiences or related issues in the forums.  Look in the Air Travel section for many more resource sites for air travelers.

The Model Hangar

The Model Hangar  - An active forum for the diecast model collecting community.  Forum sections include aircraft models, ground vehicle models, small scale diecast, plastic models, marketplace, and general discussion.  Find many other aviation modeling sites in the Models section.


Museair.com  - A site about Muse Air, a U.S. airline that provided commercial airline service from 1981 to 1987.  Here you can find the history of the airline and the men, Lamar and Michael Muse, who started her.  Look for many other sites in the Airlines section.


AirwaySim  - An online simulation (no software required) where you can manage your own airline in a multiplayer game.  Buy aircraft, open routes, manage ticket prices, etc.  This airline simulation game can be set up to contain various scenarios and can start from any year between 1950 and 2006.  You'll find other VAs in the Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines section.


Airplanepost.com  - "Private aviation" is becoming more popular with many options to choose from: whole aircraft ownership, charter, fractional ownership, jet cards, and air taxi service.  At this site you can learn more about your options and the companies that provide those services.  Look in the Air Travel and Fractional Aircraft Ownership sections for more sites.


The Alliance for Aviation Across America  - The AAAA is a coalition of aviation enthusiasts and professionals who oppose the FAA user fee proposal.  Members include airports, civic organizations, government officials, economic development entities, non-profits, businesses, and others dedicated to protecting small and rural communities.  They are also dedicated to modernizing the U.S. air traffic control system to enhance safety, promote efficiency, and expand capacity in order to ensure all Americans have access to air transportation.  Find other aviation groups in the Aviation Organizations section.

World Standards

World Standards  - This is a great resource for world travelers that provides information about electricity around the world (what plugs and voltages are used where), international paper sizes, international time codes, international car codes, metric vs. imperial, and scripts and alphabets.  Know your destination before you arrive!  Look for other travel resources in the Air Travel section.

Flying Model Review

Flying Model Review  - This site is devoted to model airplanes, covering all types of models from beginner to the most advanced flyer, gliders, rubber powered, IC powered, electric, jet, free flight, and radio control.  You'll find solid modeling information, tips, videos, model aircraft workshop info, a forum, and photo galleries at this site.  Find many other aviation modelling sites in the Models section.


CrewDiscount.com  - At this "crew only" discount site, you select the ports you are visiting and the products/services of interest (like accommodations, shopping, nightlife, etc.) and you are presented with a list of the merchants offering crew discounts.  You'll also find other crew resources and links, including printable Crewpons.  More sites in the Interline Travel and the Flight Attendants & Crew sections.


AviatorAcademy.com  - Internet-based instructional programs, including ground school and exam preparation courses for pilots, mechanics, and cabin crew.  Course offerings are available for persons of all experience levels in a variety of aircraft categories, classes, and types.  The Aviation Training section has many other training sources.

Blue Sky Careers

Blue Sky Careers  - Corporate aviation training for pilots and flight attendants in the UK and Europe.  The Corporate Flight Attendant Familiarisation course has been designed to assist those who wish to become corporate flight attendants in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.  The Training section has many other training sources.

Great Northern Models

Great Northern Models  - An on-line hobby shop for RC jet modellers: aircraft, turbine engines, and associated jet accessories.  Their primary brands are BVM Jets, Skymaster RC Jets, Yellow Aircraft, TamJets, PST Jets, JetCat USA, SimJet, and Air Power.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control section.

Aviation Schools Online

Aviation Schools Online.com  - offers a complete directory of flight schools, helicopter schools, aircraft mechanic schools, and more.  On the site, you can request information from the schools you're interested in and their system makes contacting multiple schools fast and easy.  Wherever your aviation career takes you, AviationSchoolsOnline.com gets you started.  Click here to visit the site.  Free service.  The Training section has many other training sources.


Worldtrip  - This really well done site documents the travels of the author and features thousands of great photographs from around the world.  His aviation career, sports avtivities, and adventures have taken him to over 28 countries and throughout North America.  This site represents these amazing experiences with pictures, videos, and travel articles.  Look for other interesting information in the Air Travel Destinations > Destinations for Pilots and Air Travel sections.

Experience Aviation

Experience Aviation  - Jamaican born Barrington Irving, a 23-year old senior majoring in aerospace at Florida Memorial University, undertakes an around the world flight in a single engine plane that will make him the first person of African descent and the youngest person ever to fly solo around the globe.  The attempt is now underway and you can follow along with the online flight tracker.


Avnac  - "Aviation's video rental store."  Rent aviation DVDs online: training for Sport pilots up to ATP, glass panels, GPS, IFR proficiency, A&P Mechanics, homebuilt aircraft, aircraft purchasing and licensing, Biennial Flight Review, entertainment discs and lots more.  Founded by a licensed pilot.  Look in the Aviation Videos and Animation section for other sources of aviation-related videos.

Vertigo Air

Vertigo Air  - Offering stippling drawings and cartoon caricature drawings of aircraft.  The site is aimed towards military, commerical, and general aviation aircraft enthusiasts and it might also interest those with just the slight bit of passion in aviation.  Slanted a bit towards the humorous side.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for other aviation picture and artwork sites.

Altitude Balloon Company

Altitude Balloon Company  - Hot air balloon rides over the south east of England, taking off from launch sites to the north of London.  Passenger rides, aerial advertising, corporate entertainment, team-building days, and any other special occasion.  The Sightseeing & Touring section lists many other great rides.

Silver Wings Fraternity

Silver Wings Fraternity  - You are invited to join this social, non-profit, and non-political organization if you logged a solo flight in a powered aircraft at least 25 years ago.  There are a number of local chapters around the U.S.  In the Aviation Clubs section you'll find many aero clubs, flying clubs, RC clubs, FS clubs, and others.

Airport Codes

Airport Codes  - Learn how the FAA categorizes airports in the USA and browse the lists of United States airports, arranged by IATA airport code, by airport name, and by state.  Also, a list of more than four hundred airports throughout Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world which receive scheduled passenger service.  Find more aviation information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Aviation Facts section.

DMC Models

DMC Models  - High quality resin aircraft model kits from around the world in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scales.  Fliegerhorst, Aerotech, Proteus, and other unique models.  Find many other aviation modelling sites in the Models section, including Desktop Display Models.

Hart Aero LSA

Hart Aero Light Sport Aircraft  - Exciting and affordable new light sport aircraft designs, kit aircraft, fabrication services, and more serving the light sport aircraft enthusiast.  Kits, partial kits, and completed aircraft are scheduled to be available August 2007.  See the Airplanes > Light Sport Aircraft section for other sites.


www.GliderBooks.com  - A comprehensive flight training manual and knowledge handbook for gliders by Russell Holtz.  These books were written specifically for the student pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate with a Glider rating, although they are also a useful aide for preparing for a Commercial or Instructor rating, or for preparing for a Biennial Flight Review.  See the Aviation Training Aids section for other resources.


KewlJets  - Designed to be a resource for business and leisure travelers looking for information on corporate jets, business jet charter, very light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, supersonic jets, aircraft sales, aircraft photos, and aircraft manufacturers.  Browse by manufacturer or aircraft class.  The site also has a flight tracker, air charter quotes, comparison stats, and other resources.  Look in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Aviation Facts > Aircraft FAQs & Facts section for other informative sites.

Trinkets To Treasures

Trinkets To Treasures  - A collector's source for scale model replicas of aircraft, military vehicles, ships and soldiers.  They provide a line of detailed military toys and replicas that include historically accurate markings.  Many are limited editions.  Also, a selection of prints, posters, and other items for the military enthusiast.  Find many other aviation modelling sites in the Aircraft Models section, including Desktop Display Models.


flying.org  - A new community-driven website for aviation enthusiasts with a free photo gallery and a link directory.  There is also a forum section with a large number of aviation subject categories.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for many other aviation communities.


FlyingNews.com  - News and information about the aviation companies and people that are part of the flying community.  FlyingNews.com provides real time news from sources all over the world.  See the Aviation News section for other news sites.

Ultralight Aviation

Introduction to Ultralight Aviation  - Here you'll find information about ultralight and microlight aviation: free advice, categorizations, price information. and more.  The site seeks to help the ordinary person own an ultralight aircraft.  See the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section for other sites.


MarylandPilots.org  - This is a forum for aviation discussion specific to Maryland.  It's a great place for Marylanders to chat about aviation, and for people from outside of Maryland to inquire about Maryland airports prior to flying into the state.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for many other aviation communities.

Eurasian Airlines Virtual

Royal Virtual Air Force  - The RvAF is for like-minded people to follow in the footsteps of the real RAF with operations and rank structure.  Go back to a time when countries were in a constant state of high alert, and the Warsaw Pact lead by Russia, sat with its trigger finger waiting for the NATO forces to act.  Virtually, of course!  You'll find other VAs in the Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines section.


Avstockphoto  - A place where aviation photographers can sell their photos and earn some money.  Photographers can upload photos for free and earn commissions at the time of sale.  You can purchase royalty-free aviation stock photos of all kinds.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for more photo sites.

Western Aviation Report

The Western Aviation Report  - A dynamic online publication with daily handpicked aviation-related content that focuses on flight and flying operations in the Western United States and the Pacific Northwest, including Western Canada, the Northern states and Territories, and Alaska.  This is a nicely done site with good content.  See the Aviation News section for other news sites.

Spitfire Replica Kit

Spitfire Replica Kit  - Gosaero, in Cape Town, South Africa have developed an 80% scale composite Spitfire kit, based on the Mk 9.  It is a tandem two-seater, easy to build, and is being launched at less than a third of the price of the Australian metal equivalent.  Quickly detachable wings for ease of transport.  Find other kit plane and homebuilt resources in the Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft section.

European Pilot Academy

European Pilot Academy  - JAA-ATPL Professional Pilot Training, Distance Learning Theory, JAA-PPL/IR/CPL flight training, ICAO to JAA pilot license conversion, Aviation English.  Also cadet courses (age 13-15).  The Training section has many other training sources.

Aviation Flight Zone

Aviation Flight Zone  - This group of aviation enthusiasts seeks to provide an educational, up-to-date website where members can post pictures, discuss any question or topic in aviation whether it is basic or intricate, and just simply be an aviation enthusiast without compromise.  See the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for other aviation image sites.

Aviation Jobs Posts

Aviation Job Posts  - Jobseekers can upload resumes, search through employer vacancies, and receive email notification of job openings.  Look for engineering jobs, maintenance jobs, pilot and flight crew opportunities, aviation sales and marketing jobs, and others.  Use the resume wizard to help build your resume.  Free registration.  The Aviation Employment section has other resources for job seekers.


SureCheck Aviation, Inc.  - Selling publications such as aviation-related checklists and aircraft manuals, as well as software, kneeboards, reference information, and other pilot supplies.  You can find other great stuff in the Aviation Merchandise > Pilot Shops and Crew Supplies section.