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CouponCowgirl.com  - This social shopping and coupon website is owned and operated by an a airline flight attendant, and is designed to easily find the best coupon codes and discounts online.  The Travel & Luggage Coupon page will be of interest to frequent travelers.  CouponCowgirl's blog, CCG ShopTalk, provides information about popular products, celebrity favorites and trends, and product and gift recommendations.  Find other flight attendant and cabin crew owned businesses in the Flight Attendants & Crew > Airline Crew Businesses section.

Aviation Today

Aviation Today  - Providing daily aviation videos: "Your daily fix of aviation in action.  Well-produced daily videos, with thrilling perspectives from the cockpit and from all possible angles, set to energizing music."  I watched F-16s in extreme low level flight - very cool!  Look in the Aviation Videos and Animation section for other video sites.


Cockpit  - It's a slightly lewd comedy webseries on Myspace about the crew of "Mile High Airline."  These guys are, well, more than a little whacked.  If this was really what life in the cockpit was like, you'd never fly again.  The video is served up by YouTube and the production quality is good.  At this point the series is just getting started and it'll be interesting to follow along - even if you don't even know what Myspace is.  (Your age is showing!)  More funny stuff in the Aviation Humor section.

Positive / Climb

Positive / Climb  - The personal journal of commercial pilot trainee from the Azores, including aviation-related items and some very good spotting photos by the author.

Airship Initiatives

Airship Initiatives  - Increasing interest in airships through articles for magazines, newspapers and specialist journals, as well as writing and publishing several books on the subject.  These activities will be expanded to include an Image Resource to supply high-quality images.  See also Zeppelin Tours for airship flights and short-break tours from London, Friedrichshafen, and Tokyo.  The Airships & Balloons page offers other resources.

Orbifly Flight School

Orbifly Flight School  - Provides IFR/CPL FAA flight and ground training to European private pilots seeking instrument privileges.  Their FAA certified instructors are familiar with flying in the US as well as flying in Europe.  The school operates in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.  The Aviation Training and Education page has other flight training providers and pilot training resources.

See also the free Orbifly Metar tools for pilots flying in Europe, such as the UK Metar tool and France Metar tool.

Boarding Area

Boarding Area  - "Voices of the Business Traveler."  This is a portal to business travel and air travel blogs, featuring Upgrade Travel Better, View From the Wing, The Cranky Flyer, Joe Sharkey At Large, Travel Commons, Online Travel Review, and Points Wizard.  It also provides additional links to other business travel related blogs.  Find more in the Travel > Travel Blogs and Podcasts section.


Driftr  - This is a blogging tool for travelers that lets you post blog entries and photos (or link up with Flickr).  These go with ratings of local eateries, hotels, and activities, and links to reviews.  Think of it as little sites about the experiences of other travelers.

Frequent air travelers might also enjoy RealTravel," the travel guide and trip planner powered by advice from real travelers."  and TravelPost.com, an independent source for hotel reviews and hotel information from real travelers.

Jet With Kids

Jet With Kids  - It's a book, a website, and a blog.  Family Flight Expert Anya Clowers, RN offers practical advice, timely tips, and travel product reviews for those traveling with young children.  Her book and website contain solid advice from over 21 travel experts - pilots, flight attendants, travel agents, gate agents, pediatricians, frequent fliers, and more.  Her blog is filled with photos, videos, and honest editorial reviews of products designed for families traveling with kids.  The Youth in Aviation section has many other resources for young aviators!


NavMonster.com  - A pre-flight Web site for GA pilots, offering maps, charts, decoded weather, FBO information, fuel prices, winds aloft, PIREPS, and much more in an easy-to-use and uncluttered interface.  Free to everyone.  Not a substitute for an official flight briefing.  Look for other resources in the Flight Planning and Navigation section.

Runway Girl

Runway Girl is the blog of an aviation journalist who has seen the commercial air transport industry from a front row seat.  You'll get industry insight here you won't get elsewhere.  Recent posts include a look at inflight Internet connectivity.

Travel Hacker

The TravelHacker blog offers good tips and information for travelers, and provides lots of links to associated resources.  The The Airport Security Cheat Sheet: 25 Tips to Minimize Hassles and Speed Things Up post is just one example of the value this site can provide to air travelers.  It comes from the folks at: AirlineCreditCards.com, where you can compare and apply for air mile and travel rewards credit cards.


Flight tracking via Google  - Enter the two-character airline code and flight number (e.g., UA 801) and see brief flight status info on the search results page.  Then click the "Track status..." link to see detailed information from FlightStats, including departure and arrival times, gates, weather, codeshare information, airport ratings, security wait times, and airline on-time performance.  Also, track the flight in real-time.

To find airline codes, see Airlines then click "Airlines Codes."   Look in the Flight Tracking section for other online flight tracking sites and aircraft tracking products and services.

Air Force Modelworks

Air Force Modelworks  - Makers and distributors of hand-made Air Force airplane models, helicopter models, and military plaques.  All aircraft models are of high quality and hand-made by craftsmen to produce musuem quality models.  Find other sources for desktop and display aviation models in the Models section.


EyeforTravel is a good source for travel distribution news, events, and analysis.  They have a list of travel industry blogs and also a podcast library that will be of interest to those in the air travel industry.


Dopplr  - With this online service for frequent business travellers, you can pivately share your travel plans with a trusted group of friends and colleagues.  Dopplr then tells you when people you know will be in the same cities, and it reminds you of people who live in the places you're planning to visit.  Dopplr works on your personal computer and mobile phone and links with online calendars and social networks.  Take a tour to see how it works.  The Air Travel section has other resources for frequent flyers.


GoAirplane.com  - A General Aviation portal site with mail lists, aviation news, aircraft scheduler, airport locator, airshows and events, a maintenance tracker, classifieds, weather, AD search, and other useful GA tools.  FAA regs are indexed into a fast search engine.  Overall, a great and useful collection of GA resources.  Find others in the Pilot Resources section.


AirlineLogos.net  - This site provides a really large list of airline logos, arranged alphabetically.  Registered users can create their own galleries and add, delete, or modify albums as well as upload to them.  Find a few other logo sites in the Airlines > Logos section.

Airline Empires

Airline Empires  - A free airline managment simulation where you create and manage your own airline in a browser-based game.  Demand in Airline Empires is dependent upon factors such as city size, flight frequency, connecting passengers, and the amount of competition found on the route.  In the simulation live players make human decisions which result in an online economy.  Buy and sell used aircraft, transfer gates, and wage fare wars.  The Flight Simulation section has many other simulation resources.

Hip Pocket Aeronautics

Hip Pocket Aeronautics  - This site examines what it takes to build your own radio control airplanes, control line airplanes, and free flight airplanes.  Their focus is on helping you understand that you can learn about, and enjoy, model aeronautics from a builder's point of view.  Look for more sites in the Radio Control and Models sections.


TrikeBuggy  - The TrikeBuggy gives you three ways to play: as a powered paraglider trike, a delta hang glider trike, and, when it gets too windy, as a kite buggy.  This is a simple ultralight aircraft that allows you to adapt the buggy to your preferred use.  See the Ultralights, Microlights, & Trikes section for other sites.

RealityCraft games

RealityCraft games  - Rocket Racer for PC is a free game inspired by the Rocket Racing League where you race radio control rocket planes against the PC or other players online.  With Dogfight RC for PC you compete against players all over the world in an air combat challenge.  The Aviation Games section has other sites.

Flight Training Information

Flight Training Information  - This site has a great deal of free information and resources for those considering flight training to become a pilot or obtain an advanced pilot rating.  The author of this site is an industry expert and the director of a U.S. flight school, but he does not disclose his school at the website in order to maintain the integrity of the site and the information it contains.  Look in the Aviation Training and Education section for flight training providers and other resources.

Hang-It R/C

Hang-It R/C  - An online Radio Control hobby shop and supplier for brushless outrunners, electronic speed controls, custom storage "hangars," field boxes, and accessories.  They're R/C enthusiasts who attend shows, fly-ins and other R/C related events.  Lots more resources in the Radio Control section.

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation  - TASF provides educational and charitable services for the purpose of honoring living and deceased members of the Tuskegee Airmen and other persons who have made significant contributions in the field of aviation, aerospace, and science technology.  TASF scholarships assist financially disadvantaged and deserving young men and women in their pursuit of education, preferably leading to careers in the fields of aviation, aerospace and science technology.  Find other aviation groups in the Aviation Organizations > Humanitarian & Charitable Aviation Organizations section.


SpeeedNews  - This great site for aviation industry news, information, and data has just seen a refresh of it's webpage, making it easier and more convenient.  Read business, commercial, and military aviation news, and explore the aviation conference lists.  Find market data, as well as aircraft, engines, and APU's for sale.  If you've never been to Speednews, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  See the Aviation News section for other sources for current news.


Flyhoward  - Provides freeware aviation software solutions, including an aircraft weight and balance program, an FMC cost index calculator, a pilot logbook program, and aircraft performance software.  This site also has an airfield search page (by name, ICAO, IATA, or FAA code) with over 29,000 airports listed.  Look in the Aviation Software > Pilot Software section for other applications and services.

RC Universe

RC Universe  - This large R/C site is a good community portal for Radio Control hobbyists.  It's got forums, product guides, user reviews, R/C events, featured member models, R/C news, classified ads, stores, a print magazine, and a lot more.  It's all a service of 24-7 RC, LLC, a group of avid RC modelers looking to create a great online experience for RC enthusiasts.  Look for more resources in the Radio Control section.

Roger Wilco Wear

Roger Wilco Wear  - T-shirts developed by a pilot for aviation enthusiasts.  They offer some general aviation t-shirts, and others that are specific to some of your favorite airports.  Customizable to reflect your first solo or your CPL.  High quality and great graphics.  You can find additional apparel suppliers, and other gift ideas, in the Aviation Merchandise section.


Videalert  - Providing advanced video content analysis technology for airport security and threat detection applications, including a virtual tripwire facility to increase the effectiveness of perimeter security, a counter flow function to spot anybody going the wrong way in arrivals or departures, and an abandoned object detection function.  More sites in the Aviation Security section.

Team10 Collectibles

Team10 Collectibles  - An online store specializing in some of the finest and most collectible scale diecast aircraft and vehicle models available.  From fighter plane to commercial airliner, they have it.  Official dealers of all Century Wings, GeminiJets, GeminiAces, and Hobby Master diecast model products.  Find many other aviation modeling sites in the Models section, including Diecast Aircraft Models.

Cabin Crew Pix

Cabin Crew Pix  - Designed by crew for crew to keep in touch and share photos from trips.  You can log your travels and see where your friends are, and make new friends with other crew.  Search photos by airline, destination, or flight number.  Look for other resources in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.

VLJ Magazine

VLJ Magazine  - Dedicated to reporting exclusively on Very Light Jets (also known as VLJs, Personal Jets, Microjets, and Personal Light Jets or PLJs).  This online magazine provide VLJ news, informative articles, exclusive interviews, a section focusing on air-taxis, and a listing of all the VLJ manufacturers.  See the Airplanes > Very Light Jets section for other sites.

Legends of the Sky

Legends of the Sky  - The official site of the forthcoming (2008) 3D IMAX movie that features a number of historic commercial aircraft - all leading up to dramatic and exclusive large-format footage of the new 787 and A380.  Sign up for updates, search for movie theaters, read production team bios.  Look in the Aviation Videos and Animation > Aviation Movie Websites section for other movie sites.

Big Hilly's Aviation Apparel

Big Hilly's Aviation Apparel  - Created to answer the simple question: "Why isn't there any cool stuff for pilots to wear?"  Their aim is to provide hardwearing clothes that pilots will want to wear.  Starting with T-shirts, they'll expand to include jackets and fleeces.  Find more apparel in the Aviation Merchandise section, along with sources for aviation gifts, hobby shops, and other products.


GiveAFlight.com  - Selling Discovery Flight Lesson Gift Certificates via its web site that are redeemable at participating flight schools across the U.S.  An introductory flight lesson is a gift that is exciting, educational, and memorable.  Several lesson packages are available to fit your desires and budget.  Helicopter flight lessons are available in selected cities.  Look in the Aviation Training and Education section for flight trining providers, and the Sightseeing & Touring section for other great rides.


Airportfact.com  - This worldwide airport guide claims to list 13,000 airports, which are searchable by city name, IATA code, or ICAO code.  It's linked to Google Maps and shows current status of delays and weather, and airport information including website links, cariers, checkpoint wait times, and availability of airport wireless Internet access.  Look in the Airport FAQs & Facts section for other airport data sites, and the Airports section for broader information.


hmcgraphics.com  - Awesome 3D animated screensavers of airliners, as well as corporate, military, and general aviation aircraft.  Each aircraft rotates 360 degrees with continuous viewing.  They'll also create custom screensavers for marketing and promotional use, and 3D modeling and interactive animation.  On-line store and gift certificates.  You can find others in the Aviation Software > Screen Savers, Cursors, & Desktop Themes section.


aviation.mobi  - Free aviation weather for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Get METAR and TAF information for selected airports worldwide, view current color radar throughout the USA and Canada, view IR satellite images, get airport information, daily sunrise/sunset information, NOTAMs, SIGMET and AIRMET notices, view upper winds (FD).  The Aviation Weather section has links to other useful resources.

The Proud Bird Restaurant

The Proud Bird Restaurant  - Themed after the era surrounding World War II, and located next to one of Los Angeles International Airport's approach runways. They have banquet rooms, an outdoor ceremony location, and personalized packages to accommodate special occasions and private events, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement and birthday parties, as well as a variety of corporate functions , retirement parties, awards presentations, and holiday parties.  The Aviation Theme Establishments section has links to other restaurants and inns.


FracTrade  - An independent service dedicated to helping fractional aircraft owners and jet card customers to buy, sell, and renew their aircraft.  Learn and understand the fractional world so you can be in control.  They have years of experience and the background to find you find the right price, and also to help you build the right relationship.  Look in the Fractional Aircraft Ownership sections for more sites.

The Fighter Jets

The Fighter Jets  - A very large and comprehensive collection of modern fighter jet photos, images, and multimedia, as well as fighter jet news.  All images on this site are high resolution, can be downloaded for free, and are suitable for use as wallpaper.  They have been collected from the public domain.  Find other aviation picture sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.


ParaToys  - This powered paraglider site offers Black Hawk, Skycruiser, and Fresh Breeze paramoters, as well as trikes and quads, paragliders, and RC hot air balloons.  They've got accessories, pictures, movies, reviews, classifieds, and tips and tricks.  You can also get beginning and advanced powered paraglider training, and even an instructor's course.  Dealers are located in a number of U.S. States, and around the world.  Look in the Paragliding and Parasailing section for other resources.

Twin Bonanza Association

Twin Bonanza Association  - Dedicated to the historical preservation of the Civilian Beech Model 50 and Military L23/U8 series aircraft.  They've got a newsletter with information on happenings and other events, a gallery, marketplace, history, stats, and other information.  See the Aviation Clubs > Aircraft Clubs section for more owner groups, or Aviation Organizations for a broader set of links.

True Headings

True Headings  - A Web hosting company specializing in providing web hosting, web page design, and domain name registration services to aviation service and product providers around the world.  A number of hosting plans are available.  Browse through the Aviation Email, Website Design, and Hosting section for other services of interest for those with aviation websites.


FlyboyTV  - A "You-Tube" style video site with hundreds of military and general aviation videos.  Watch a Harrier malfunction and pilot ejection, a documentary film of the A-10 GAU-8 Gatling gun, and videos of crashes, crazy landings, aerobatics, and a lot more.  Look in the Aviation Videos and Animation section for other sources for aviation-related videos, online and DVD.

3D Mailbox

3D Mailbox  - And now for something completely different.  This is a program designed for aviation enthusiasts that blends email and ATC/flight simulation.  Level 2 (LAX) brings the excitement of the airport to your inbox.  "Email is represented by a jumbo jet and new email comes to the arrivals terminal, or to custom hangars (mailboxes) that you define.  SPAM is automatically sent to the airport boneyard and unsure mail circles above.  Departing mails leave via the departures terminal." Messages are represented by an airline from the region of origin.  You get jet sounds and ATC-pilot conversations specific to each flight.  See the Aviation Email, Website Design, and Hosting section for other Internet resources for aviators.


Nuts about Southwest is the blog of Southwest Airlines and it's all about their employees, customers, airplanes, and airports.  They are currently running a photo caption contest that could win you a package that includes air travel for two on Southwest Airlines to Las Vegas for the BlogWorld Expo, free registration for the Expo, and a room for three nights (November 7 through November 9) at the MGM Grand.  See Looking for creative bloggers for more details.

Kukuding Models

Kukuding  - Large hand carved, hand painted mahogany wood display model airplanes that are "bigger and more detailed" than the regular models available on the market today.  For example, the B-17 has a 25 inch wingspan and the A-10A Thunderbolt II Warthog has a 19 inch wingspan.  Propeller models, jet aircraft, and a few helicopter models available.  Find many other aviation modelling sites in the Models section, including Desktop Display Models.


BizAviation.net  - An online community for pilots, aircraft owners, spotters, and other enthusiasts of business aviation, business jets, and turboprop aircraft.  The aircraft photographs are high resolution and the library of aircraft information is based on a Wiki-system where you can add data or edit existing information.  Visit the Aircraft Spotting section for other sites for spotters, and the Pilot Resources section for more sites for pilots.


flyintAIR  - This virtual airline is designed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator and operates in both the business and holiday/leisure markets from a series of regional bases.  Hubs are being added as the airline expands throughout the UK, Europe, and destinations beyond.  Aircraft types range from prop to jet.  The Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines section has a number of other VA's you can consider.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Mitsubishi Regional Jet  - A planned 70 to 90 passenger aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney's next generation Geared Turbofan™ engines. This Flash-based site provides an animated tour of the MRJ interior and exterior, specifications, and a description of the "slim seat" which uses a net fabric in seat bottoms and backs, producing wider leg room for a given seat pitch.  Entry into service is planned for 2012.  See the Airplanes > Regional Airplanes section for other sites.


AirlineFriends.com  - This is a new site where present and former airline employees can network and connect.  Search for upcoming events, reunions, crash pads, and make new friends.  Connect with your airline friends wherever you are in the world.  Look for other resources in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.


shareyourflight.com  - Aircraft owners and renters can help offset the high costs of flying by listing available seats to share on the flights they already plan to make.  Members can view these seats, contact the pilots, and share in the flight costs on a pro rata basis.  Pilots are not considered commercial operators.  (Read the rules defined on the site.)  No charge for listing flights.  You can find a few ride sharing sites in the Air Travel > Ride Sharing section.


Aerosmack  - An aviation and pilot-based t-shirt shop where pilots and aviation enthusiasts can purchase creative designs.  Designs are grouped by Aviation and Pilot Humor, Warbirds and Military Aircraft, Aerobatics and Aerobatic Aircraft, Aviation and Pilot Designs, Powered Paragliding and Paragliding, and some others.  Find more apparel in the Aviation Merchandise section, along with sources for aviation gifts, hobby shops, and other products.


AvJournal  - Pilots can replace their paper logbook with AvJournal from PrizeFight, an online, secure, and full-featured logbook and pilot data management tool.  Keep your time safe, accessable, and more managable by using this subscription-based application designed by pilots and Web application professionals.  Look in the Aviation Software > Pilot Software section for other applications and services.


HoustonSpotters.net  - A website for spotters around George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH), William P. Hobby airport (KHOU), as well as other surrounding airports in the Houston, Texas area.  The site has spotting resources and a guide, a forum with discussions about upcoming and past events, and a database with photographs taken around Houston airports.  The Spotting 101 section covers topics of interest to new spotters and others who just want to learn about the hobby.  Visit the Aircraft Spotting section for other sites for spotters.

CheckWX and AeroHunter

A pair of sites worth looking at: CheckWX Aviation Weather  - provides decoded METAR and TAF weather overlaid on Google Maps.  Display weather near airports, as well as in-route weather.  Enter the airport identifier, airport name, or partial name.  Browse by State, Province, or Country.  This service is totally free, with no subscription fees.  [More sites in the Aviation Weather section.]  AeroHunter.com  - offers hundreds of aviation related videos, all free to watch, post, comment, and share.  [See the Aviation Videos and Animation section for others.]

Griffin Helicopters Videos

Griffin Helicopters Videos  - This is a collection of around 190 public domain helicopter videos available for download or online viewing.  Categories include aerobatics, accidents and incidents, maneuver demonstrations, manufacturer promotional videos, and other helocopter videos.  Look in the Aviation Videos and Animation section for other sources of aviation-related videos.

Breathe Virtual Airways

Breathe Virtual Airways  - One of the newest virtual airlines to launch in the UK, flying from hubs at Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, and Edinburgh to a competitive variety of destinations throughout Europe, Africa, and America.  Their aim is to be as realistic and professional as possible and offer the pilot a lot more from flight simulator.  The Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines section has a number of other VA's you can consider.

Military Wreckhunters

Belgian Military Aircraft Wreckhunters  - Information about Belgian military wrecks and relics, with details of their locations and their present status.  You'll also find information about former Belgian military aircraft preserved in private use and museams, or used as monuments or gate guards.  The Aircraft Recovery and Restoration section has many other Websites on related topics.

Travel Boffin

Travel Boffin  - Travel guides and travel blogs with facts for world travel destinations: travel reviews, travel news, flights and hotels, climates, weather, foreign currency conversion, activities and sightseeing, eating and drinking, travel maps, and more.  Designed to offer print-out travel guides with information that you can take with you on your holiday.  Travel Boffin also welcomes pictures from travellers to appear on travel guide pages.  See the Air Travel Destinations section for many more resource sites for air travelers.


Momondo.com  - This free to use "Web 2.0 mashup" is a meta search engine looks for the cheapest flight tickets on the Web.  They have a comprehensive search for Europe, scanning 422 sites with more than 600 airlines, both low-cost and national carriers.  There are many other sites that can help you locate low cost airfare in the Air Travel section.

the "oops" list

Warbirdz  - Run by aviation photographer Glenn Alderton and designed to allow photographers to advertise their pictures and enthusiasts to enjoy them.  Online pictures are available for sale, and there is no charge for uploading your photographs, and no requirement that you offer them for sale.  There are currently over 13,000 pictures in the database.  Peek in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section for other aviation picture sites.


TripIt  - Forward your travel confirmation emails (air, hotel, car) to a TripIt address and this online travel service "automatically organizes all your travel plans into one master online itinerary with everything you need for your trip, including travel confirmations, daily weather, local maps, city guides and more." TripIt pulls in Google maps and directions, NOAA weather, SeatGuru airplane seat advice, Wikipedia city information, Eventful current events, and Flickr city photos.  The Air Travel section has other sites for air travelers.


Sim-reviews  - They provide in-depth reviews of flight sims, looking at the quality of the design and graphics, the accessibility, and comparisons to other products in the market.  The reviews are available in HTML and PDF formats, in categories that include civil aircraft, general aviation aircraft, helicopters, military, scenery, hardware, and tools/books.  The site also has sound, panel, aircraft, and other downloads.  You'll find other resources in the Flight Simulation section.

Travel Adventures

Travel Adventures  - (Around the World in 80 Clicks)  This purser with a major European airline records his trips with pictures and stories.  Over 110 countries are represented with more than 6,000 pictures, and all can be traced on Google Earth.  Take a look if you're an active cabin crew member wondering what to do somewhere.  Look for other resources in the Flight Attendants & Crew section.

Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum  - This non-profit educational institution has a mission to exhibit and educate the role of the World War II combat aircraft, the pilots, and the American citizens who achieved victory.  The museum features flying aircraft, related artifacts, artwork, and a library.  You'll find one of the world's largest collections of flying World War II warplanes, rare combat photography, original artworks, memorabilia, uniforms, and continuous video documentaries.  In Palm Springs, California.  Find others in the Museums section.

Aeronautic Pictures

Aeronautic Pictures  - This aerial and location still and motion picture production company produces work for television and film production clients, and specializes in providing services to the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries.  They also provide aerial production services to the commercial and high-end real estate markets, and the travel and tourism business.  Their archive features 30,000 still photographs and hours of stock footage.  Aeronautic Pictures has a royalty free photo section and a royalty free stock video section.  Look in the Aviation Videos and Animation section for other sources of aviation-related videos.


tripSync  - A travel booking tool focused on the small to medium sized business traveler.  Book a flight, hotel room, or rental car right from your web-enabled PDA or Smartphone.  If you use Microsoft Outlook, your trip is entered into you calendar as an event.  Modify hotel and car reservations by dragging and dropping them in your calendar.  Receive Flight Alert notifications via email or SMS text message for delays, check the weather, see security wait-times, display real-time Departure and Arrival information.  The Air Travel section has other sites for air travelers.


FAASafety.gov  - The FAA seeks to improve the aviation safety record through safety training, outreach, and education.  Each of the FAA's eight regions has a Regional FAASTeam Office dedicated to this safety program.  At the website you'll find information about the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program, an aviation learning center, events and seminars, and other pilot resources like links to some flight safety-related web sites.  Look in the Aviation Incidents and Safety section for other safety sites.

Aviation Explorer

Aviation Explorer  - This is a comprehensive aviation directory with content as diverse as aircraft photos, history, aviation forms, videos, aviation facts, flight products, and a lot more.  Upload your own photos, view current aviation news, browse through a wide variety of sources for aviation artwork, and just generally explore a huge base of aviation resources.  The Aviation Directories, Portals, and Link Lists section has many other sites.

Spider Tracks

Spider Tracks  - A satellite-based aircraft tracking system that uses the Iridium Satellite network to provide global tracking of aircraft.  The "spider" tracking unit has built-in GPS and satellite antennas, only needs power to operate, and does not have to be permanently mounted.  View the current position or past tracks of spiders by logging into a website and seeing the coordinates overlaid onto a 2D map.  See the Flight Tracking section for online flight tracking sites and aircraft tracking products and services.

Pacific Aircraft

Pacific Aircraft  - High-quality handmade mahogany scale models of military and civilian aircraft: prop and jet-powered military, foreign military, helicopters, airlines, and spacecraft.  They also offer ships, aircraft carriers, and other vessels such as submarines.  They've been producing models since 1988, and they stock over 1000 of them.  Find many other sources for aircraft models in the Models section.

Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race  - A competitive race based on speed, precision, and skill.  Pilots navigate a challenging race course in the sky against the clock and have to execute tight turns through a slalom course consisting of specially designed pylons.  The flying is low-level and the spectators are close to the action.  Next race: San Diego, California, September 22.  Then Perth, Australia, November 4.  The Air Racing section has other sites.

Free Widescreen Wallpapers

Free Widescreen Wallpapers  - Great widescreen (1680 x 1050) desktop wallpapers made from the best of the public domain military aviation photos.  The wallpapers are converted to widescreen format and enhanced where necessary using Adobe Photoshop.  "New pictures added daily."  Really fantastic images!  You can find othes in the Aviation Software > Screen Savers, Cursors, & Desktop Themes section has other sites.