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This podcast program guide lists the most recent episodes of selected aviation podcasts.  The episode descriptions come directly from the podcast feeds.   Listen to podcasts with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Airplane Geeks

Airplane Geeks

Max Flight, David Vanderhoof, Max Trescott, and Brian Coleman are true #AvGeeks with an aim to educate and inform you, explore and develop your passion for aviation, and entertain you a little along the way.  In this podcast, they talk about the week's industry news and discuss aviation topics with industry analysts, consultants, journalists, pilots, bloggers, and others. 

507 SR-71, Owning the Airspace Above 60,000 Feet

06/13/2018 05:08 AM

Talk with an SR-71 instructor pilot, airline pilot, author. Also, Airbus Helicopters H160, F-35 report from GAO, B-1B fleet grounding, must-see TV programs about airplanes, Texas Aircraft Expo.

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506 Erika Armstrong in the Cockpit

06/06/2018 07:16 AM

Erika Armstrong is an experienced pilot, author, speaker, an instructional design director for aircrew training, and a university aviation professor. In the news, JetSuite is launch customer for Zunum hybrid-electric planes, onboard pet monitoring technology, airline flight 1’s, a Geico Skytyper is lost, Southwest Airline’s financial outlook, and kidnapping charges at a flight school.

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505 Bits & Pieces XXI

05/30/2018 06:33 AM

A Bits & Pieces episode with recorded segments from the hosts, contributors, and listeners: New England Air Museum, VMA-311, Alan Bean, C-17 Globemaster, Tora Tora Tora, Pitts cross country, and more.

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The UAV Digest

The UAV Digest

The weekly audio podcast by Airplane Geeks refugees David Vanderhoof and Max Flight that focuses on news, events, and issues concerning unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.  You'll also hear interviews with people who are advancing this growing industry.

UAV247 FAA Culture Limits Advancement of Drones

06/15/2018 06:25 AM
A report says FAA risk adversity limits use of drones, SenSat breaks U.K. BVLOS record, Japan set to loosen BVLOS rules, and FCC sends a strong message to drone makers, marketers, and operators.

UAV246 AiRXOS UAS Partnerships

06/08/2018 06:22 PM
AiRXOS creates partnerships to create an “air operating system,” a five-month Canadian UAS BVLOS proof-of-concept trial, using drones to identify violent crowd behavior, and a chain of custody drone program for law enforcement.

UAV245 Airbus Urban Air Mobility

06/01/2018 09:37 AM
Airbus pushes forward with a new Urban Air Mobility unit, law enforcement embraces drones, another Amazon drone delivery patent, and FAA UAS news.



Europe's premier aerospace internet program.  Produced and presented by XTP Media's Pieter Johnson, the show is co-hosted by Gareth Stringer (Editor of Global Aviation Resource) and Tim Robinson (Editor of Aerospace International).  Published on a monthly basis and covering all aspects of the aviation world.

Ep.81 – Wings Over New Zealand

06/06/2018 04:14 AM
Dave Homewood, the producer of the 'Wings Over New Zealand Show' podcast joins us and we find out how his interest in aviation led to one of the most comprehensive historical records of aviation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ep.80 – ‘Xtra’ Plane Hunters and Kevan James

05/22/2018 11:40 AM
We are back with two interviews. Andy Jones is the producer of Plane Hunters and tells us about making video features on historical aircraft. Kevan James joins us to talk about his books on Heathrow and other airports.

Ep.79 – Fighter Pilot Vincent Aiello and airliner automation

02/13/2018 03:19 AM
Vincent 'Jell-O' Aiello from The Fighter Pilot Podcast joins us to talk about being a US Navy aviator, his new podcast and the F-18 Hornet, while Tom Dieusaert tell us why he wants better awareness of flying automation when we talk about his new book 'Computer Crashes: When Airplane Systems Fail'.

Plane Crazy Down Under

Plane Crazy Down Under

Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron produce a high quality podcast that covers aviation news and events in Australia and around the region.  Producing content online since July 2009, each episode usually lasts between 60 to 120 minutes and while some have featured one important interview or discussion, most have multiple segments. Guests on the podcast have included a number of pilots from all aspects of aviation as well as analysts, air traffic controllers, adventurers, business owners and museum staff. Topics and areas covered in the podcast so far range from hot air balloons, recreational flying, warbirds & sport aerobatics through to charter operations, airlines and the military.

PCDU Episode 130: Avalon 2017 ? Alpha

04/14/2017 10:42 PM

Steve, Grant and Maikha were on-site at Avalon recording plenty of content and this episode is our first collection of audio content covering some of the companies, people and aircraft we encountered while there. Steve & Grant have already started editing the next batch of content for Episode 131 and Maikha’s starting to wade through . . . → Read More: PCDU Episode 130: Avalon 2017 – Alpha

PCDU Episode 129: Going Back to School

02/28/2017 12:29 AM

Steve & Grant have both been back to school in the past week with Steve revisiting his old high school (Brentwood Secondary College and yes, it’s still standing) where they have a great aviation curriculum. Meanwhile, Grant’s been out to Bacchus Marsh airport to the TVSA flying school’s open day. This one’s a short episode . . . → Read More: PCDU Episode 129: Going Back to School

PCDU Episode 128: Unprecedented

10/29/2016 10:13 PM

From Grant’s collection of ballooning interviews to a chat with Owen Zupp about his latest book and our tribute to Hannes Arch, this episode is our biggest yet (yes, even bigger than Episode 51, our tribute to the RAAF’s F-111s!). We’ve even captured Anthony “The Infrequent Flyer” Simmons’ first ever viewing of the movie TopGun . . . → Read More: PCDU Episode 128: Unprecedented

Aviation Podcast Directory

  • 08Left Podcast  About aviation and travel with intereviews with executives of non-profits and airlines, pilots, flight attendants, architects, authors, aviation geeks, and more.
  • A320 Podcast  Pilots Matt and Andy aim to make studying easier for your recurrent sims or command upgrades.
  • Ace Abbott's Aviation Affair  An interview podcast hosted by Ace Abbott, an aviator with a 36 year career: F-4 Phantom jets, Learjet charter pilot, Boeing 727 Captain, and author.
  • Aero News TV  The folks at Aero-News.net have created this fantastic aviation video news site.
  • AeroPodcast  Podcast de aviacion comercial, todas las aerolineas, todas las novedades del mercado del transporte aereo.  A podcast in Spanish with talk about airlines.
  • Aircrew Interview  Interviews with past and present aircrew of both military and civilian types, hosted by Mike Young.
  • Airline Pilot Guy  An aviation podcast about the love of flying and what it's like to be an airline captain.
  • Airline Weekly Lounge  Hosted by the editors from Airline Weekly, this podcast its the upper echelon of the airline industry, as well as aviation suppliers, airports, and travel industries.
  • Airplane Geeks Podcast  Aviation enthusiasts talk about the week's aviation news, discuss a feature topic, offer some aviation history, and more.
  • Airplane Owner Maintenance  A maintenance-oriented podcast for airplane owners.
  • Airspeed  Airspeed podcasts go in depth to cover aviation, aerospace, space exploration, and associated topics.  Pilots, other aviation personnel, and enthusiasts will enjoy this podcast by "Stephen Force," the superhero alter ego of a technology lawyer, private pilot, and Civil Air Patrol captain.
  • Airways Podcast  The weekly podcast of Airways magazine with a focus on aerospace and the U.S. airline industry.
  • All Things That Fly  Learn all about the exciting hobby of Radio Controlled helicopters, planes and anything that flies.  Mods, upgrades, tuning, news, interviews, tips and testing.
  • The Amateur Traveler Podcast  A weekly travel podcast for people who love to travel, focusing on travel stories, travel news, tips, and travel resources.  All with a little bit of humor.
  • AOPA Live This Week  The weekly video podcast with general aviation news from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
  • Aviation Careers Podcast  Discover the many careers in aviation, determine if a career in aviation is for you, learn how to advance your aviation career, discover jobs which allow you to work in your current profession while being able to enjoy a part time aviation career, learn the various paths toward reaching your aviation career goal.
  • Aviation Marketing Hangar Flying  Aviation and marketing sales consultants Paula and John Williams share strategies, tips, how-tos, and interviews to help you improve your marketing and sales results.
  • Aviation Today Radio  Podcasts on a wide range of aviation issues, generally with industry leaders.
  • Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast  This weekly program from the AW&ST editors looks at aerospace and defense.
  • AviatorCast  A new episode of flight training, flight simulation, and interviews each week.  From Angle of Attack, specializing in flight simulator training, but teaching to real world standards.
  • AvTalk - the Flightradar24 Aviation Podcast  A half-hour dose of aviation highlights every other week, hosted by Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz.
  • AVweb Podcasts  Twice weekly podcasts on current aviation topics.
  • Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!  With this podcast, you can travel the world with flight attendant Betty.
  • The BoXX Office  "Celebrating and elevating the history of women, what we've done, where we are, and what we're doing. Not just pilots, but 'Plane Janes' of all stripe. Pilot or not, the sky is still home for all kindred souls." Faded.
  • Civil Air Patrol Today  A podcast produced by Maryland Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.
  • The Cancel Sarwatch Podcast  Sam, Parky, and Luke pursue the Spirit of Flight in a series of informal conversations.
  • Cleared En Route  (Podfaded) An aviation podcast from Ontario, Canada with news updates, aircraft profiles, airshow coverage, and interviews from members of the aviation community in Canada and around the world.  Faded.
  • The Conversation at AirSafe.com  The official podcast of the AirSafe.com Foundation designed to raise public awareness about key issues involving aviation safety and security.
  • The Crew Lounge  A weekly podcast for flight attendants and crew.  Faded.
  • Desert Pilot Podcast  A blog and podcast about flying experiences around the great State of Arizona and beyond.
  • Dots, Lines & Destinations  A website and a podcast for travelers who want to maximize the value of their trip.  Their goal is to help you understand the different travel point systems out there and getting travel bang for our buck.  Hosted by Stephan Segraves, Fozz Mahmoud, Rolando Veloso, and Seth Miller.
  • Edwards Air Force Base Podcast  A weekly podcast featuring news stories relevant to the Edwards community, usually about two to three minutes in length.
  • Fighter Pilot Podcast  Vincent Aiello, (callsign "Jell-O") was a US Navy fighter pilot flying aircraft such as the F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, F-16 Fighting Falcon, and A-4 Skyhawk.  His podcast provides insights into air combat-related topics.  Highly recommended.
  • Flaps Podcast  A monthly podcast aimed at those who fly, those who wish they could, and those who do neither.  Produced by two pilots in the UK who decided that flying was too much fun not to talk about, and too much fun to take too seriously.
  • Flying and Life  Mike is an aviation enthusiast, pilot, and flight dispatcher for a major legacy airline. He shares real events in his life.
  • The FsRideAlong Podcast  Flight sim news and inteerviews
  • The Glider Show  An audio show for anyone interested in gliding and soaring and becoming a competent glider pilot.
  • Go Flying Australia podcast  Focus on General and Recreational stories within Australia.
  • Hangar49 Aviation Podcast  A podcast dedicated to general aviation flying in the Pacific Northwest, and featuring three private pilots who discuss aviation news of the day plus the high (and low) points of their flying exploits.
  • The Hangar Deck Podcast  Aviation discussions by a team of prior military pilots and engineers with airline experience.
  • The Home Based Travel Agent Podcast  A blog and podcast dedicated to the home based travel agent and the journey of learning the travel business.
  • IAGblog Podcasts  Aviation and travel industry podcasts from the Innovation Analysis Group.  IAG provides information and consulting services to the travel and aviation industries, and covers aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, and ground transportation.  The IAGblog offers breaking news, insights, and commentary on a wide range of issues affecting travel and aviation.
  • In the Pattern Podcast  Four student pilots get together to talk about their experiences with flight training.  Join them as they work together to get their certificates and ratings in this aviation podcast about the joys of learning to fly.
  • Inside Skunkworks  The dark, classified world of the secret Lockheed Martin organization with first-hand accounts and stories passed down from generation to generation within the walls of Skunks Works.
  • InvertedCast  From pilots Derek (single engine instrument rated private pilot) and Mark (single/multi engine instrument rated commercial pilot).
  • Jim N Texas!  Jim is a retired U.S. Air Force officer, a member of the Chandelle Flying Club, and has a lifelong love of aviation.  Intermixed in his blog, you'll find some podcasts.
  • Just Plane Radio  A nationally syndicated radio show devoted to flying and the aviation lifestyle.
  • layovers  The news, the startups, and the technologies defining the modern commercial air travel experience.
  • The Logbook  Aviation stories told by the men and women who lived them.
  • Maiden Flight Podcast  In this podcast you'll hear the adventures of Mark Maiden, born and bred in Dublin, learning to fly and living to fly in Ireland.
  • Moonstruck Podcast  Astronauts, engineers, politicians, and space decision-makers tell their stories from the history of human spaceflight.
  • MzeroA Podcast  This full time flight instructor provides audio and video podcasts for general aviation pilots.
  • NBAA Flight Plan  News and information about the business aviation community: developments affecting NBAA Members and the Association's work to advocate for their interests.
  • #PaxEx Podcast  Passenger experience expert Mark Kirby is joined by co-host Max Flight and an expert guest to discuss the latest industry developments.
  • Pilot's Journey Podcast  Hosts Stuart Stevenson (a private pilot in north Dallas) and Stewart Stoll (a certificated flight instructor near Fort Worth, Texas) discuss aviation training and the steps involved in maintaining proficiency.
  • Plane Crazy Down Under  An aviation-based podcast with a focus on the Asia/Pacific area.
  • Plane Safety Podcast  Join Pilot Pip for a look at the latest aviation safety news, incidents and events.
  • Plane Talking UK Podcast  A weekly show with the important aviation-related news stories that matter in the UK.
  • Podcasting On A Plane  Pilot, flight instructor, and air traffic controller Brandon Gonzales brings you aviation from a unique perspective. Hear industry leaders share their stories and teach you how to have fun and make your way in the aviation industry.
  • Private Jet Podcast  Serving the business aviation community.  From founder and host Tom Wachowski, ATP Falcon 2000, Challenger 300/350 and 604.
  • RC Heli Nation  Great conversation about radio controlled helicopters on this podcast.  The website also has a forum, news, reviews, builds, swag, and more.
  • Runway.VC Podcast  Building an international community designed to spark innovation and push evolution in the aviation and travel industries.
  • Ready For Takeoff  Interviews and instructional episodes by George Nolly, an O-2 and F-4 Phantom pilot who went on to become a captain and flight instructor for United Airlines. He conducted airline safety audits for IATA and continues to instruct on the Boeing 777.
  • SFO Podcast  San Francisco travel information, tips from business professionals and leisure travelers, helpful SFO information, stories, and more in podcasts from the San Francisco International Airport.
  • Skydive Radio  This weekly podcast is dedicated to skydiving and offers discussions covering a variety of topics: news, events, dropzones, policies, memorable jumps, history, and any other hot topic related to skydiving.  Also, product reviews and conversations with well known skydivers.
  • Talking Flight  Captain Mike Swanigan is now retired from Alaska Airlines, and he talks with people he's come in contact with over his long career.
  • This Week in Travel podcast  A weekly podcast covering news, topics and trends in the travel industry.
  • Stuck Mic AvCast  This well-produced aviation podcast includes talk about flight instruction, aviation products, and just general hangar flying.
  • The Student Pilot Cast  This podcast is the chronical of Bill Williams as he learns to fly and earn his Private Pilot License.  You'll find both audio and video episodes, as well as interviews with other pilots and coverage of cool aviation stuff.
  • That Drone Show  Sarah Oneal and David Oneal present a weekly video podcast all about drones, streamed live and then available in an edited version.  They're on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • The Green Dot  Inspirational and educational stories that share the spirit of aviation.   From the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).
  • The UAV Digest  A weekly audio podcast covering unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.
  • Thoughts From The Flight Deck  In this podcast about flying, Pilot Bill talks about learning to fly, general things about aviation on his way to becoming a certified flight instructor, and just seemingly unrelated things that pop in to his mind.
  • Travel Cast Network  Travel professionals and enthusiasts can find the latest travel news and information through this portal to podcasts and travel related videos.
  • TravelCommons.com  A very good travel podcast about airlines, security and the TSA, hotels, frequent flyer programs, travel tech, and a lot more.
  • UAS Today  This audio podcast and website looks at current and future applications of unmanned aerial systems.
  • UltraFlight Radio Show  The weekly show discusses subjects of interest to the ultralight or sport aircraft pilot: fixed wing, trike, powered parachute, powered paraglider, glider, gyro, and other topics are covered.  Also, safety subjects, flying events, and government issues.  Weekly email.
  • Uncontrolled Airspace: The General Aviation Podcast  News and conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.  This is hanger flying at it's (sometimes verbose) best with three pilots who are qualified to gab about GA with authority.
  • The University of North Dakota AeroCast  A series of video/audio training podcasts.
  • The Upgrd Podcast  A round table podcast with airline frequent flyers, elite hotel program members, and other business travelers.  Learn about airline upgrade strategies, flying first class, hotel upgrades, and mileage runs.
  • Warbird Radio  An Internet radio station devoted to military aviation.  Their goal is to preserve the stories and history of those who flew these airplanes, and still do.
  • Warbird Show  This show focuses on research and search associated with lost and missing aircraft from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and up to the present.
  • Why We Fly  A General Aviation podcast sharing pilot stories to inspire potential pilots to learn more about flying.
  • Wings Over New Zealand Show  The podcast that brings you Kiwi aviation through interviews with people involved in all aspects of New Zealand aviation, from pilots to warbird restorers to authors and historians to homebuilders to war veteran aircrew to modellers to mechanics and beyond. The show is a spin-off from the popular Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum.