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Aviation Podcast Program Guide

This Program Guide lists the most recent episodes of selected aviation podcasts.  The episode descriptions come directly from the podcast feeds.   Remember: You don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts - just your computer will do.

Airplane Geeks

Airplane Geeks

Max Flight, Rob Mark, and David Vanderhoof are guys with a passion for aviation.  In this podcast they talk about the week's industry news and discuss aviation topics with industry analysts, consultants, journalists, pilots, bloggers, and others.  You'll also hear from the "Australia Desk" get your dose of aviation history, and get the latest news and views on European aviation from the Across the Pond segment.

AirplaneGeeks 333 The Airport Experience, From Roadway to Runway

01/21/2015 04:14 AM
Managing airport customer service, new TSA security measures, guns on a plane, FAA NPRM rules, the NTSB 10 most wanted, new airline routes, and the inaugural Airplane Geeks Inflight Movie of the Month. Guest Dennis Hazell is Manager, Customer Service at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Dennis supports the terminal and airfield operations, while focusing on the overall […]

AirplaneGeeks 332 Inflight Entertainment with Spafax

01/14/2015 03:46 AM
Creating content for airlines, a Chinese naval fighter emerges, strong airline passenger demand, record Boeing and Airbus deliveries, United flight attendants file OSHA complaint, the world’s safest airlines, and on-time performance at airports. Guest Al St. Germain is Senior Vice President, USA for Spafax, one of the leading inflight entertainment providers in the world.  Spafax […]

AirplaneGeeks 331 The Good, The Bad, and The TSA

01/07/2015 03:03 AM
How the TSA treats a man marked as a terrorist, an inside job smuggling guns on an airline, airport security concerns, a former Korean Air executive arrested, United and Orbitz sue over the “hidden city” ticketing strategy, and an AirAsia QZ8501 update. Guest After being convicted of releasing animals from fur farms in 2005, Peter […]

Plane Crazy Down Under

Plane Crazy Down Under

Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron produce a high quality podcast that covers aviation news and events in Australia and around the region.  Producing content online since July 2009, each episode usually lasts between 60 to 120 minutes and while some have featured one important interview or discussion, most have multiple segments. Guests on the podcast have included a number of pilots from all aspects of aviation as well as analysts, air traffic controllers, adventurers, business owners and museum staff. Topics and areas covered in the podcast so far range from hot air balloons, recreational flying, warbirds & sport aerobatics through to charter operations, airlines and the military.

PCDU Episode 122: Farewell 2014

12/31/2014 03:58 AM

As the final hours of 2014 draw to a close, we’re getting our last episode for 2014 out the door. The boys have been kept pretty busy with their day jobs lately but, despite this, they’ve managed to do some flying:

Grant’s been taking friends on their first balloon flights including Evan Schoo and Darren . . . → Read More: PCDU Episode 122: Farewell 2014

PCDU Episode 121: Exercise Pitch Black 2014

10/01/2014 06:12 AM

During August, Grant spent a week in Darwin covering Exercise Pitch Black 2014, a major multinational “war game” exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Air Force.

RSAF F15 at dusk in Darwin

Held every two years, Pitch Black is Australia’s version of the Red Flag training exercises held in the USA and in 2014 the . . . → Read More: PCDU Episode 121: Exercise Pitch Black 2014

PCDU Episode 120: History & Records

07/31/2014 03:59 PM

Steve’s very happy to have finally started converting currency into currency as he’s logging hours in a Flysynthesis Texan and progressing towards getting his RA-Aus license. Grant’s been too busy with work to get many hours but did finally get to log some “special shape” time in his balloon logbook. Naturally, both Steve & Grant . . . → Read More: PCDU Episode 120: History & Records



Europe's premier aerospace internet program.  Produced and presented by XTP Media's Pieter Johnson, the show is co-hosted by Gareth Stringer (Editor of Global Aviation Resource) and Tim Robinson (Editor of Aerospace International).  Published on a monthly basis and covering all aspects of the aviation world.

Ep.36 – the SEPECAT Jaguar

01/05/2015 04:14 AM
Our New Year episode has guest Allen Vernon talking about the SEPECAT Jaguar. We have a new #X10Top10 on Carrier Aircraft and lots of GetInvolved messages from you, our listeners.

Ep.35 – Dr Lewis Pinault

12/09/2014 10:11 AM
In this special episode, Xtended gets an exclusive interview with one of the most influential people in aerospace today, Dr Lewis Pinault.

Ep.34 – Talking Space, with Gene Mikulka

11/18/2014 09:30 AM
We welcome back Gene Mikulka to talk about the latest space exploration news. We also have an interview with STEM Ambassador and space enthusiast Amjad Zaidi.

The UAV Digest

The UAV Digest

The weekly audio podcast by Airplane Geeks refugees David Vanderhoof and Max Flight that focuses on news, events, and issues concerning unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.

UAV077 UAS Pilot Training

01/23/2015 05:59 AM
UAV training in Canada and Britain, a government hearing on UAS research and development, no date from FAA on the sUAS NPRM, a UAS communications study, and drugs on a drone. News 1st Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) instruction designed specifically to meet Transport Canada’s new requirements Aerobotika Aerial Intelligence and Pacific Rim Aviation Academy have […]

UAV076 FAA Enlists Law Enforcement

01/16/2015 04:46 AM
  The FAA tells law enforcement what their role is in policing UAS usage, CNN signs an agreement with the FAA to share drone journalism research results, and drones are big at the Consumer Electronics Show. News FAA Issues UAS Guidance for Law Enforcement This isn’t guidance on how law enforcement can use UAS. It’s […]

UAV075 Charge Your Drone on a Pad

01/09/2015 08:58 AM
A charging pad for your drone, USAF Unmanned Systems faces a huge manpower problem, real estate and agriculture gain FAA exemptions, timeline for ICAO RPAS standards, and UAS in Canada. News New Charging Pad for Parrot Drones Changes the Way You Charge Your Batteries The portable Skysense Charging Pad is said to support nearly all existing multicopters and […]

Uncontrolled Airspace: The General Aviation Podcast

Uncontrolled Airspace

News and conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.  This is hanger flying at it's best with three pilots who are qualified to gab about GA with authority.  Dave Higdon is an accomplished aviation photographer and the senior editor of Kitplanes MagazineJeb Burnside is a writer and editor with Aviation Safety magazine, AVweb, and EAA AirVenture Today.  Jack Hodgson is a writer, technology commentator, special-events and new-media producer, lecturer, aviation essayist, and tries to keep the other two on topic.

The UCAP community now has an online forum to complete the listener experience.  Have a look at the Uncontrolled Airspace Forums and add your own contribution.

"Feral Hive of Bees" UCAP #373

01/17/2015 11:00 AM
Jeb and Jack get together at the Sebring 2015 Fly-In with UCAP pals, Tim, Turbo, and Don. Reviewing the first two days of the fly-in. Talking about some products we liked. And James pays us a better-late-than-never visit to talk about his afternoon demo ride. All this and more on the Uncontrolled Airspace General Aviation Podcast. Recorded January 15, 2015. Alt titles: "Socked In and Sucky"

"God of Sky Protection" UCAP #372

01/13/2015 09:00 AM
From a loudly rainy Hidden River Florida... Appeasing the Hindu god of sky protection... Anticipating the 2015 Sebring Sport Flying Expo... No real news on Air Asia crash... What about the Wichita King Air?... Uber for airplanes... 2015 AOPA Fly-ins... All this and more on the Uncontrolled Airspace General Aviation Podcast. Recorded January 12, 2015.

"Gear Door Wedgie" UCAP #371

01/07/2015 07:00 AM
747 landing gear problem... Interesting turboprop jump plane... ETOPS Redux... AirAsia Airbus probably down in Java Sea... All this and more on the Uncontrolled Airspace General Aviation Podcast. Recorded December 30, 2014.



Airspeed podcasts go in depth to cover aviation, aerospace, space exploration, and associated topics.  Pilots, other aviation personnel, and enthusiasts will enjoy this podcast by "Stephen Force," the superhero alter ego of a technology lawyer, private pilot, and Civil Air Patrol captain.  Show notes can be found in the Airspeed Blog.

You might also have a look at Airspeed - The First Two Years Aloft, Force's book that highlights the first two years of the podcast, including interviews transcribed for the first time, the full text of several popular episodes, and also additional explanatory material.

Airspeed - World Gliding Championship Competitor Tony Condon

01/25/2015 11:30 AM

US Soaring Team member Tony Condon talks about the upcoming 13.5 Meter World Championships in Lithuania. 

Airspeed - OpenAirplane with Rod Rakic

11/30/2014 07:39 AM

An interview with OpenAirplane co-founder Rod Rakic, as well as an account of my own OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout at Crosswinds Aviation at Livingston County Airport (KOZW) in Howell, Michigan.

Airspeed - Rules of Engagement 2014

06/29/2014 12:41 PM

An update of the Airspeed's rules of engagement and FAQ.  Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenedat Airspeed?  Here are the answetrs to the questions that people most often ask.

The Conversation at AirSafe.com


This is the official podcast of the AirSafe.com Foundation which uses technologies such as email and the Web to raise public awareness about key issues involving air passenger safety and security.  Dr. Todd Curtis produces this very informative podcast to cover aviation incidents around the world.  You'll find audio, video, and high quality written content here.  Be sure to listen to the Secrets of AirSafe.com special podcast series where Dr. Todd Curtis shares key insights and practices that have allowed AirSafe.com to thrive since its launch in July 1996.

Newsmax interview on 15 January 2015 on the AirAsia crash

01/19/2015 10:00 AM
Todd Curtis interviewed by Newsmax about reports on the last words spoken by the pilot of AirAsia flight QZ8501.

Al Jazeera America ineterview on 11 January 2015 on the AirAsia crash

01/11/2015 10:30 PM
Todd Curtis interviewed by Al Jazeera America about the recovery of the flight data recorder from the wreckage of AirAsia flight QZ8501.

CTV interview on 8 January 2015 on the AirAsia crash investigation

01/11/2015 10:00 AM
Todd Curtis interviewed by CTV television of Canada about the latest updates in the search for the wreckage of AirAsia flight QZ8501.

Travel Commons

Travel Commons

Mark Peacock is a frequent business flier who puts in a lot of air miles each year.  He knows airlines and airports and hotels and technology for the road, so his podcast is valuable for any frequent flier.  The podcast subtitle tells it all: "Giving the voice of the traveler, more about the journey than the destination."  If you spend a lot of time flying commercially for business or pleasure, give this podcast a listen!

112-Holiday Airport Etiquette; Travel Tax Pile-Up

11/22/2014 03:17 PM
Airport etiquette tips for non-frequent travelers; Fleecing travelers by stacking up hotel and rental car taxes

111-Seatback Recline Wars; Craft Beer Tourism

10/12/2014 01:17 PM
Seatback recline button becomes a Manichean morality play; Tacking beer hunting onto Midwest business trips

110-Regional Jets Ruining My Life; Visa Hassles

08/12/2014 01:17 PM
Regional jets make flying to mid-size cities difficult; Chinese and Indian visa hassles

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!


With this podcast, you can travel the world with flight attendant Betty.  This flight attendant for a major U.S. airline has been podcasting since August 2005.  She's got a delightful personality and seems like the attendant we all want to fly with.  Her podcasts relate her stories and the stories of the people she flys with.  Chek out Betty's book based on the podcast, Betty In the Sky With a Suitcase: Hilarious Stories of Air Travel by the World's Favorite Flight Attendant.

113 You Say Albeano I Say Albino

01/04/2015 03:11 PM

In this show we have stories about bras in strange places, things in the toilet that... don't belong in the toilet, famous flight attendants, a baby tree, bad taxi drivers and an albino!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music "Airplane" by the Side Street Blues

112 Ghosts at my Doorstep

12/05/2014 11:51 AM

I'm just back from a big trip to Sulawesi Indonesia so this show is chalk full of stories from Sulawesi.  We have stories about swallows, a poopy pen, a tarsier high, mohawk macques, ghosts, Tau Tau and smoke at the airport!

Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com

Aviation Podcast Directory

  • 7600 On Air  Defunct now, but it was a podcast for people who love flying, flying machines, and who prefer to not crash and die.  Soaring and gliders, props, jets, interviews, aviation features, and stories made with big imaginations.
  • The Glider Show  An audio show for anyone interested in gliding and soaring and becoming a competent glider pilot.
  • Ace Abbott's Aviation Affair  An interview podcast hosted by Ace Abbott, an aviator with a 36 year career: F-4 Phantom jets, Learjet charter pilot, Boeing 727 Captain, and author.
  • Aero News TV  The folks at Aero-News.net have created this fantastic aviation video news site.
  • AeroPodcast  Podcast de aviacion comercial, todas las aerolineas, todas las novedades del mercado del transporte aereo.  A podcast in Spanish with talk about airlines.
  • Air Force Link - Podcasts  Podcasts from the U.S. Air Force.  "Around the Air Force Radio Podcast" daily radio newscast includes timely, topical, news and information about the Air Force, its people, its programs and its missions.  "Around the Air Force Video Podcast" is a five minute daily news program covering important topics from around the Air Force.  "Air Force Report Video Podcast" gives one minute updates on important news and issues affecting the Air Force.  "Chief's View Video Podcast" from the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force discusses Air Force issues.  "Today's Air Force Video Podcast" is a long-format, weekly news show featuring in-depth stories about the Air Force's people, programs, technology, exercises, operations and more.
  • Airline Pilot Update  A weekly audio podcast specifically for the US airline pilot, with a focus on covering the most important issues facing airline pilots today.  Industry news, interviews, and analysis.
  • The AirPigz podcast  The podcast of the AirPigz blogazine, for anyone who loves to fly.
  • Airplane Geeks Podcast  Aviation enthusiasts talk about the week's aviation news, discuss a feature topic, offer some aviation history, and more.
  • AirShowCast  A podcast for the air show enthusiast, fanatic, performer, volunteer, organizer, etc.  Hear news about shows, meet movers and shakers in the business, and listen to some of the behind the scenes folks who make things happen at your favorite shows.
  • Airspeed  Airspeed podcasts go in depth to cover aviation, aerospace, space exploration, and associated topics.  Pilots, other aviation personnel, and enthusiasts will enjoy this podcast by "Stephen Force," the superhero alter ego of a technology lawyer, private pilot, and Civil Air Patrol captain.
  • All Things That Fly  Learn all about the exciting hobby of Radio Controlled helicopters, planes and anything that flies.  Mods, upgrades, tuning, news, interviews, tips and testing.
  • The Amateur Traveler Podcast  A weekly travel podcast for people who love to travel, focusing on travel stories, travel news, tips, and travel resources.  All with a little bit of humor.
  • AMEcast - Aviation Medicine Podcast  An aviation medicine podcast with Dr. Bruce Chien, MD, AME., CFI offering advice and insights on Medical Certification.
  • Aviation Today Radio  Podcasts on a wide range of aviation issues, generally with industry leaders.
  • The Aviation Video Podcast  An HD video podcast series by Jason Miller to inspire aviators and those that have always dreamed of being aviators.
  • Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast  This weekly program from the AW&ST editors looks at aerospace and defense.
  • AviPod.net Aviation Podcast  (Also gone.)  A aviation podcast featuring news and industry analysis.
  • AVweb Podcasts  Twice weekly podcasts on current aviation topics.
  • Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!  With this podcast, you can travel the world with flight attendant Betty.
  • The BoXX Office  "Celebrating and elevating the history of women, what we've done, where we are, and what we're doing. Not just pilots, but 'Plane Janes' of all stripe. Pilot or not, the sky is still home for all kindred souls."
  • Building an Airplane at Home with Jeff Coffey  In this 28 minute podcast, the builder takes you from $600 of blueprints and $900 of aluminum sheets to the first, anxiety-ridden flight.  If you are thinking of building your own, this will give you a feel for what it takes.  If you are not a prospective homebuilder, you'll still find this a fascinating listen.  From 16 September 2005.
  • Civil Air Patrol Today  A podcast produced by Maryland Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.
  • Cleared En Route  An aviation podcast from Ontario, Canada with news updates, aircraft profiles, airshow coverage, and interviews from members of the aviation community in Canada and around the world.
  • The Conversation at AirSafe.com  The official podcast of the AirSafe.com Foundation designed to raise public awareness about key issues involving aviation safety and security.
  • CopterCast  An aviation podcast from the perspective of helicopter pilots, international pilots, and career pilots.  Topics include flight training, careers with rotorcraft, and international flying, as well as news and events.  And of course, just some fun hangar flying.
  • The Crew Lounge  A weekly podcast for flight attendants and crew.
  • DarkCompass  The chronicles of a podcaster, with airplane sound effects. 27mins, 12mb, 64kbps.
  • Desert Pilot Podcast  A blog and podcast about flying experiences around the great State of Arizona and beyond.
  • Edwards Air Force Base Podcast  A weekly podcast featuring news stories relevant to the Edwards community, usually about two to three minutes in length.
  • Fear of Flying Podcast  Recorded March 16, 2005 on United UA 840 en route SYD-LAX.  The author discusses how he picked his seats - and why - and what to do when turbulence occurs, as it did on this flight.
  • The Finer Points, An Aviation Community & Podcast  TFP is brought to you weekly by Certified Flight Instructor, Jason Miller.
  • The Finer Points - Aviation Videos  Weekly flying tips to make you a safer pilot.  From expert flight instructor, Jason Miller.
  • Finmeccanica Inc. Podcast  These podcasts cover a number of helicopter topics.
  • Flap Operator  From Chris Turke, a first officer and cockpit procedures training instructor at a regional airline.
  • Flaps Podcast  A monthly podcast aimed at those who fly, those who wish they could, and those who do neither.  Produced by two pilots in the UK who decided that flying was too much fun not to talk about, and too much fun to take too seriously.
  • Flight Junkies  A podcast about leaving the ground in every way possible from an educated amateur's point of view.
  • The Flightcast  An audio and video podcast covering flight sim games and news.
  • Flightglobal.com's Week on the Web  Jeff Decker brings you the top aircraft and aviation stories from Flightglobal.com and other hot site content.
  • Flight Journal Podcast/Radio Show  Flight Journal's editor-in-chief, Budd Davisson, tells us what it's like to fly some of aviation's legendary airplanes.
  • Flight Line Internet Radio  An internet-based radio station covering a variety of aviation topics with programming 24/7.
  • FlightPod TV  Aviation news and technology from an online media network for pilots that provides content relevant to today's student, private, and professional pilots.
  • Flight Podcast  An aviation podcast where the hosts are all international airline pilots with experience in turbine, piston twins, and singles.
  • The FlightTime Radio Show  Weekly radio broadcasts about the fun and joy of flying.  Each week, Charlie and Milford have guests from all corners of aviation or just do some hanger flying before they head off to the airport.  Broadcast live from Northeast Florida each Saturday from 10-11am on WBOB 1320AM and the Internet.  It is then available via PodCast through the web site.
  • FlyByWire podcast blog  Slated to contain flight sim and aviation news, music, reviews, hints and tips, flight of the week.
  • Flying with ACE  This podcast was started by Alex, a youngster who is sharing his training experience.
  • Flying Ant Online  A podcast about all things aviation by a Boeing 767 pilot for Qantas Airways.
  • Flying Down Under  A fortnightly segment that appears on the FlightTime Radio Show and gives listeners an appreciation for some of the aviation related activities that occur in Australia and New Zealand. The segment is produced by Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast on behalf of Southern Skies Online Media.
  • Flying Pilot Podcast  "The flying pilot's news and rants," by a captain with a major network airline.  News, science, history, and a little music.
  • Flying Podcast  This podcast covers all forms of aviation in the UK.  They talk to anyone with an interest in aviation, from museums to flying instructors to people that just have an interesting story to tell.  Produced by Steve Cooke, who flys a PA-28 from City Airport Manchester.
  • Fly With Me  Hear from flight attendants and pilots as they tell what goes on behind the galley curtain (and behind the cockpit door).
  • FSBreak  This weekly podcast covers Flight Simulator news, reviews, and hardware.
  • The Glider Show  An audio show for anyone interested in gliding and soaring and becoming a competent glider pilot.
  • Gold Seal Live  Live, streaming aviation talk radio on the Internet, with a twist - graphics and interactivity.  You not only listen to this aviation format show, you see visuals and can ask questions of the guests via a built-in chat window.  Two programs are produced: The 25Zulu Show is a 90-minute talk show with live guests that covers a wide range of topics.  The Ground School Live show focuses on specific training issues.  These can also be downloaded as a podcast.
  • Hangar49 Aviation Podcast  A podcast dedicated to general aviation flying in the Pacific Northwest, and featuring three private pilots who discuss aviation news of the day plus the high (and low) points of their flying exploits.
  • The Hangar Deck Podcast  Aviation discussions by a team of prior military pilots and engineers with airline experience.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Military Aviation  David Vanderhoof's podcast focusing on military aviation world wide.
  • The Home Based Travel Agent Podcast  A blog and podcast dedicated to the home based travel agent and the journey of learning the travel business.
  • IAGblog Podcasts  Aviation and travel industry podcasts from the Innovation Analysis Group.  IAG provides information and consulting services to the travel and aviation industries, and covers aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, and ground transportation.  The IAGblog offers breaking news, insights, and commentary on a wide range of issues affecting travel and aviation.
  • In the Pattern Podcast  Four student pilots get together to talk about their experiences with flight training.  Join them as they work together to get their certificates and ratings in this aviation podcast about the joys of learning to fly.
  • InvertedCast  From pilots Derek (single engine instrument rated private pilot) and Mark (single/multi engine instrument rated commercial pilot).
  • Jim N Texas!  Jim is a retired U.S. Air Force officer, a member of the Chandelle Flying Club, and has a lifelong love of aviation.  Intermixed in his blog, you'll find some podcasts.
  • The Learning to Fly....Together Podcast  Rob is a certified flight instructor and airline captain for a major airline.  Tina is the anxious but eager student pilot who has a few things to teach Rob about "getting a clue".  Both have been married to each other for 23 years.  Listen in as they teach each other to fly.
  • Maiden Flight Podcast  In this podcast you'll hear the adventures of Mark Maiden, born and bred in Dublin, learning to fly and living to fly in Ireland.
  • Mile High Flyers  For pilots, bringing you aviation news, stories conversation and a love of flying.
  • My Flight Journey  From Cessna to CRJ the journey starts now.
  • MzeroA Podcast  This full time flight instructor provides audio and video podcasts for general aviation pilots.
  • NBAA Flight Plan  News and information about the business aviation community: developments affecting NBAA Members and the Association's work to advocate for their interests.
  • The New Pilot PodBlog  This is a General Aviation podcast from the perspective of a new private pilot.
  • The Pilotcast  A podcast series by pilots about General Aviation, for pilots and aircraft owners, and those who want to become pilots.
  • The Pilots Flight PodLog - aviation podcast  Listen in of the adventures of Pilot Will (formerly "Student Pilot Will" as he flies around with friends and family.  Also hear stories of other's adventures in the sky.
  • Pilot's Journey Podcast  Hosts Stuart Stevenson (a private pilot in north Dallas) and Stewart Stoll (a certificated flight instructor near Fort Worth, Texas) discuss aviation training and the steps involved in maintaining proficiency.
  • Pilots-Log  A web page and podcast for the discussion of aviation topics ranging from military planes to commercial transports to general aviation.  Coverage of new aircraft, fly-ins, airshows, and other aviation related events in Texas and neighboring states.
  • Plane Crazy Down Under  An aviation-based podcast with a focus on the Asia/Pacific area.
  • The Plane Madness Podcast 2  Capt'n Chris returns to podcasting with Volume 2 of his great podcast.
  • Plane Safety Podcast  Join Pilot Pip for a look at the latest aviation safety news, incidents and events.
  • PlaneViz  A podcast (and blog posts) by pilot Dave Goodwin on a variety of aviation topics of interest to pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation enthusiasts.
  • Port Authority Aviation Podcasts  News from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey: John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • PreFlight TV  A video podcast for General Aviation pilots, and those who wish they were...
  • Private Jet Podcast  Serving the business aviation community.  From founder and host Tom Wachowski, ATP Falcon 2000, Challenger 300/350 and 604.
  • The Private Pilot  Recordings that are interesting for aviation enthusiasts as well as pilots.
  • The Pursuit of Wings  "Navigating the course to an aviation career."  This website and associated podcast chronicles the author's journey as he transitions from advanced student to professional aviator.  The idea is to include cockpit audio recorded during flight training, as well as interviews/hanger flying with guests that are either seeking an aviation career or are already established in the aviation industry.
  • RC Heli Nation  Great conversation about radio controlled helicopters on this podcast.  The website also has a forum, news, reviews, builds, swag, and more.
  • rocket.aero  This creater of films and DVDs highlighting little known chapters in aerospace history offers podcasts created from DVD and other content.
  • RV Pilot Podcast  Dedicated to RV pilots and builders, with interesting discussions about experiences building and flying the different RV airplane models from the builders themselves.  General and specific topics of interest to RV owners are also covered.
  • SFO Podcast  San Francisco travel information, tips from business professionals and leisure travelers, helpful SFO information, stories, and more in podcasts from the San Francisco International Airport.
  • Skydive Radio  This weekly podcast is dedicated to skydiving and offers discussions covering a variety of topics: news, events, dropzones, policies, memorable jumps, history, and any other hot topic related to skydiving.  Also, product reviews and conversations with well known skydivers.
  • The Student Pilot Flight PodLog  Devoted to flying and learning to fly.  The podcasts take you through the author's journey towards a Private Pilot's License.  Made on a Mac, and you can tell!
  • This Week in Travel podcast  A weekly podcast covering news, topics and trends in the travel industry.
  • Stuck Mic AvCast  This well-produced aviation podcast by ThePilotReport.com includes talk about flight instruction, aviation products, and just general hangar flying.
  • Student Pilot Journal  General Aviation pilots will enjoy these frequent video podcasts by Greg Summers.  They represent "a podcast journal in the life of a student pilot" and contain lots of good video straight from the cockpit.
  • The Student Pilot Cast  This podcast is the chronical of Bill Williams as he learns to fly and earn his Private Pilot License.  You'll find both audio and video episodes, as well as interviews with other pilots and coverage of cool aviation stuff.
  • That Drone Show  Sarah Oneal and David Oneal present a weekly video podcast all about drones, streamed live and then available in an edited version.  They're on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • The UAV Digest  A weekly audio podcast covering unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.
  • Thoughts From The Flight Deck  In this podcast about flying, Pilot Bill talks about learning to fly, general things about aviation on his way to becoming a certified flight instructor, and just seemingly unrelated things that pop in to his mind.
  • Tips for Travellers Podcast  Advice, tips and recommendations of places, hotels, planes, trains, books based on the first hand experience and research for a book on legends and icons of travel.
  • Travel Cast Network  Travel professionals and enthusiasts can find the latest travel news and information through this portal to podcasts and travel related videos.
  • TravelCommons.com  A very good travel podcast about airlines, security and the TSA, hotels, frequent flyer programs, travel tech, and a lot more.
  • Travel Industry Association of America  Podcasts featuring industry professionals on a variety of topics.
  • The Traveling Man Podcast  This podcast documents the travel adventures of life on the road.  Episodes feature travel tips, technology, hotel reviews, and wacky adventures.  (Inactive since July 2006.)
  • Trends Taste and Travel  Captain Cy Emerus is your host for Trends, Taste and Travel podcast.  Captain Cy is an actual airline captain who has spent the last 35 years taking travelers to exotic destinations the world over.
  • UAS Today  This audio podcast and website looks at current and future applications of unmanned aerial systems.
  • UK Aviation Roundup - Aviation Talk Radio  This site is shut down.
  • UltraFlight Radio Show  The weekly show discusses subjects of interest to the ultralight or sport aircraft pilot: fixed wing, trike, powered parachute, powered paraglider, glider, gyro, and other topics are covered.  Also, safety subjects, flying events, and government issues.  Weekly email.
  • Uncontrolled Airspace: The General Aviation Podcast  News and conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.  This is hanger flying at it's (sometimes verbose) best with three pilots who are qualified to gab about GA with authority.
  • The University of North Dakota AeroCast  A series of video/audio training podcasts.
  • Unusual Attitudes  "The aviation podcast you always knew could happen if someone would dare."
  • The Upgrd Podcast  A round table podcast with airline frequent flyers, elite hotel program members, and other business travelers.  Learn about airline upgrade strategies, flying first class, hotel upgrades, and mileage runs.
  • Warbird Radio  An Internet radio station devoted to military aviation.  Their goal is to preserve the stories and history of those who flew these airplanes, and still do.
  • Warbird Show  This show focuses on research and search associated with lost and missing aircraft from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and up to the present.
  • Wings Over New Zealand Show  WONZS is the podcast that brings you Kiwi aviation through interviews with people involved in all aspects of New Zealand aviation, from pilots to warbird restorers to authors and historians to homebuilders to war veteran aircrew to modellers to mechanics and beyond. The show is a spin-off from the popular Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum.